TAOYUAN, Taiwan, March 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Chroma ATE, a leading supplier of precision test and measurement instrumentation globally, is celebrating a key milestone of 3,500 worldwide semiconductor test system shipments since 2012, highlighting its plans to harness chip industry growth in the US and Europe.

With the global semiconductor industry poised for a decade of growth and projected to become a trillion-dollar industry by 2030, the continued success of Chroma ATE with its partners bodes well for the company in the coming years. Chip demand is likely to rise over the coming decade as the world continues to embrace digitalization, setting the stage for industry-involved companies to benefit from the increased need.

“We are proud to have come this far while continuing to pursue technological breakthroughs that allow our customers to benefit more for less. We intend to build on this success by further growing our presence worldwide, supported by local teams and a commitment to innovate,” said George Chang, President of the Semiconductor Test Equipment BU at Chroma ATE.

Meeting Worldwide Demand
The successful growth of Chroma ATE’s semiconductor business has been built on its extensive offerings for test systems. The company has a comprehensive portfolio that comprises complete, well-rounded and thorough product lines, backed by strong technological capabilities that make Chroma competitive globally.

These solutions offer customers precision at the highest levels, together with technological innovations, while still maintaining competitive costs. To ensure smooth experiences, Chroma ATE is also highly customer-centric in its responsiveness, with rapid and flexible deployment and troubleshooting in all of its existing markets, which span the globe with teams in Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea, China, and Southeast Asia. It also has an R&D center based in the US, well positioned to be at the heart of a strategically important industry for the country.

As an organization that is keenly aware of the need for energy-efficient solutions, Chroma ATE represents those values through its products. The latest chip testing systems are compact and energy-saving, such as the Advanced SoC/Analog Test System Model 3680. This solution’s smaller footprint requires less cooling, which in turn reduces the need for energy while saving space.

In addition, the company prides itself on taking the lead in seamlessly updating customer systems to the latest technology, as well as for migration or conversion to Chroma ATE systems, with many current systems available to make the switch conveniently.

Empowering a Full Range of Applications
Chroma ATE provides a wide spread of semiconductor test systems for applications ranging from high-speed digital and power analog to cost-sensitive micro-controller units (including automotive and IoT). Specifically, the 3680 is power efficient while capable of supporting digital, 5G, high-end micro-controller, IP camera, and H-camera applications. For power analog solutions, the SoC/Analog Test System Model 3650-S2 is a comprehensive product that covers every aspect of testing state-of-the-art power ICs — such as power management ICs and GaN- and SiC-based applications — and both products offer more features while requiring less space. The company’s VLSI Test System Model 3380 is further proof of its competitive advantage, remaining cost-effective while still offering full functionality when used for testing very large-scale integration.

All these test systems are fully available and continue to benefit from the company’s commitment to enhancement, improvement, and upgrading with post-launch support.

About Chroma ATE
Founded in 1984, Chroma ATE Inc. is a world-leading supplier of precision test and measurement instrumentation, automated test systems, intelligent manufacturing systems, and test and automation turnkey solutions. Chroma has branch offices in Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea, China, and Southeast Asia, chartered to fulfill and surpass global customers’ needs with high value-added service.

SOURCE Chroma ATE Inc.

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