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Agoda’s Sustainable Impact Survey 2023 has identified Japan, Singapore and South Korea as the top destinations for sustainability and conservation efforts.

Over thirteen thousand respondents from more than 10 countries took part in the survey. When ranking countries based on their sustainability efforts, respondents were appreciative of their home countries’ conservation measures.

Tokyo Tower
Japan takes the lead in Agoda’s 2023 survey, followed by Singapore and South Korea; Tokyo pictured

Seven out of 11 markets gave their home country the highest rating, namely India (77 per cent), Thailand (63 per cent), Vietnam (62 per cent), Australia (60 per cent), South Korea (58 per cent), Indonesia (57 per cent) and Japan (51 per cent). Respondents from Malaysia selected Malaysia as their third choice, behind Japan and Singapore.

“Sustainability is clearly on peoples’ minds, with many aware of the environmental measures being taken in their home markets as well as abroad,” said Enric Casals, regional vice-president, South-east Asia and Oceania, Agoda.

“In addition, travellers are looking for ways to minimise their ecological footprints while making a positive impact on the places they visit,” he added.

The publication of the survey findings marks the start of Agoda’s Eco Deals campaign, which aims to raise US$250,000 for World Wide Fund for Nature’s (WWF) marine and forest conservation initiatives across India and South-east Asia.

For each booking of an Eco Deals accommodation, Agoda donates a dollar to the WWF’s marine and forest conservation initiatives, and travellers enjoy a discount of up to 15 per cent. Donations will fund marine and wildlife conservation programmes in the participating countries, ranging from prevention of wildlife trade trafficking in Singapore, restoring deforested areas in Indonesia, and supporting elephant conservation in Thailand.

The campaign runs until September 2, or earlier, if the target amount is raised.

Casals said Agoda’s Eco Deals programme gives travellers the opportunity to support conservation initiatives simply by booking a qualified accommodation.

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