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SITA has teamed up with Zamna Technologies to strengthen its airline, airport, and border solutions.

Zamna will use a decentralised blockchain-based model to transform how passenger data, such as passport, visa, and health information, is verified and handled, bringing security, ease, and efficiency benefits for travellers, airlines, airports and governments.

sita zamna 640
The partnership will ensure the safety of SITA customer data along with ongoing automation enhancements

The first deployment will be focused on Arab Air Carriers’ Organization’s 30-plus airlines.

Passengers will no longer need to present travel documents repeatedly at every touch point – Zamna’s ability to verify and securely persist such data will provide SITA customers with ongoing automation enhancements, while ensuring their data is managed in a safe, private, and decentralised manner.

For airlines and airports, processing times will be reduced and less infrastructure is needed to process passengers. Border agencies will experience fewer exception cases and fewer passengers requiring on-site processing as the border checks are completed pre-departure.

Airlines, airports, and governments can drive operational savings by having confidence in the accuracy and timeliness of traveller data. Verified traveller data will be securely shared throughout the journey, eliminating duplicate processes, increasing trust, and improving the passenger experience.

This approach is a paradigm shift to fundamentally change data management within the aviation industry, ensuring that the individual traveller has minimal impact and that their documents are read and verified once and put to work many times.

David Lavorel, CEO, SITA, said: “The partnership with Zamna Technologies powers the next step in the journey to SITA’s vision of enabling a truly connected and digital travel experience along with all the benefits it will deliver: efficiency, improved passenger experience, and increased security.”

Irra Ariella Khi, CEO, Zamna Technologies, added: “SITA has already made great strides into making seamless travel possible with their innovative digital travel solutions. Together we will leverage Zamna’s digitisation of travel documents and processes through Identity Rails, to make travel significantly more efficient, and deliver secure travel identity for all – through airports and across borders.”




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