As the season changes and enters spring, the weather is getting warmer, and it is time to taste the season’s delicacies! Mandarin Oriental, Taipei, “Ya Ge” Chinese restaurant, which has won the one-star award in the “Taipei Michelin Guide” for five consecutive years, has launched a new spring menu. Chef Zhang Guobang follows the traditional handmade Cantonese cooking method and creates a series of seasonal delicacies with ingenuity, including stir-fried geoduck with bamboo shoots in X.O. sauce, morel mushrooms with fish maw in abalone sauce, shrimp with shallot and soy milk, etc. Heart-warming in every way and it is unforgettable. The spring season set meal is 3,980 NT$ + 10% per person, the price of a la carte dishes is subject to a 10% service charge. For details and reservations, please call: (02) 2715 6888.

Must-try new dishes in spring
Chef Zhang Guobang, who has more than 25 years of rich cooking experience, follows the essence of Cantonese cuisine’s “clear but not light, thick but not greasy” flavour characteristics, and continues to introduce new ones in line with seasonal changes, cleverly using spring bamboo shoots, asparagus and perilla leaves. The ingredients, with just the right heat and seasoning, perfectly interpret the original flavour of the ingredients. The restaurant has carefully created a number of refreshing and stomach-warming private dishes, allowing guests to enjoy the delicious taste of Cantonese cuisine.


Stir-fried geoduck with bamboo shoots in X.O. sauce (1,680 NT$)
The chef specially selects fresh geoduck directly from Canada, paired with spring bamboo shoots, asparagus and sweet peppers with rich water content and fresh taste, and adds special X.O sauce. The springy texture of geoduck and the crispness and sweetness of double bamboo shoots are a match in heaven.


Mapo Lobster Chiba Tofu (1,080 NT$)
Inspired by the classic mapo tofu dish, Chef Zhang slices the tofu into 60 thin slices with exquisite knife skills. He chooses fresh lobster and cuts it into small pieces. He adds shiitake mushrooms and spices and sauté the shrimp head oil to make the sauce base. The elegant and delicate flavour is the signature of this dish.


Gulu Liusha Huaishan Ball (580 NT$)
The local yam is steamed into a ball, wrapped with coconut milk filling, and sprinkled with homemade dried pineapple crisps boiled in sugar water and air-dried, and the delicate sweet and sour taste with fresh strawberries is unforgettable.


Spring Season Package
This time, a seven-course spring set menu is launched, at NT$ 3,980 + 10% per person. The heart-warming spring delicacies are carefully presented in accordance with traditional methods. The rich dishes include appetizing perilla, cheek meat and caviar squid, as well as abalone sauce Stir-fried mushrooms, shrimp with shallot and soy milk, fried bamboo shoots in black bean sauce, Australian beef tongue fried rice with X.O. sauce, etc. Among them, the prawns are served with spring onion soy milk. The chef beats shallots into soy milk, adds eggs to mix, steams, and soaks in oil. It is paired perfectly with crispy fried sweet Australian tiger prawns.

Season Package: NT$ 3,980+10% per person
• Loquat Sauce, Gracilaria, Marinated • Perilla, Pork Cheek, Marinated Sichuan Pepper, Abalone Aspic – Caviar, Squid, Braised
• Matsutake Mushroom, Black Pork Meat Ball, Double-boiled
• Fish Maw, Morel, Abalone Sauce, Braised
• Shrimp, Green Onion, Soy Milk, Deep-fried
• Water Bamboo, Black Bean Sauce, Wok-fried
• Australian Wagyu Beef Tongue, X.O. Sauce, Jasmine Rice, Wok-fried
• Bird’s Nest, Loqual, Fritillaria, Double-boiled
• Petit Four

We had a wonderful meal at Ya Ge, the Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant at Mandarin Oriental, Taipei. The spring seasonal menu was a seven-course feast of exquisite and refined Cantonese dishes, using seasonal and premium ingredients and the culinary artistry of Chef Cheung Kwok Pong. We loved every dish, the service was impeccable, the ambience was elegant, and the food was amazing. We would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who loves Chinese cuisine or wants to try something new.

Mandarin Oriental, Taipei

Enjoy a long-awaited getaway at Mandarin Oriental, Taipei, a much-loved urban retreat for those seeking a pampering staycation in our spacious rooms and suites that boast comfort and luxury.

No. 158 Dunhua North Road, 10548 Taipei, Taiwan
+886 2 2715 6888

隨時序更迭進入春季,天氣漸暖,正是品嘗時節珍饈的好食光!台北文華東方酒店連續五年榮獲《台北米其林指南》一星殊榮的「雅閣」中餐廳,即日起推出全新春季菜單。主廚張國邦師傅遵循傳統手工粵菜作法、匠心獨具地打造一系列時令極致美饌,包含X.O.醬雙筍炒象拔蚌、鮑汁花膠羊肚菌、油香鳳尾蝦佐小蔥豆漿等,暖心又暖胃,道道皆令人難以忘懷。春季季節套餐每位3,980元+10%,單點佳餚價格須外加一成服務費,詳情及訂位請致電: (02) 2715 6888。



麻婆龍蝦千葉豆腐 (1,080元)



季節套餐: 每位3,980元+10%
• 枇杷龍鬚菜.紫蘇臉頰肉.花椒凍鮑魚.魚子醬花枝
• 松茸清燉獅子頭
• 鮑汁花膠羊肚菌
• 油香鳳尾蝦佐小蔥豆漿
• 豉汁炒筊白筍
• X.O.醬澳洲和牛舌炒飯
• 枇杷川貝燉燕窩
• 文華迎美點





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