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ATLAS Celebrates the Simple Pleasures of Classic Cocktails with a New Menu

ATLAS, the grand lobby and bar at Parkview Square, has launched a new menu that celebrates the simple pleasures of well-made cocktails and the timeless indulgence of leisurely pursuits. The menu, titled “Simple Pleasures”, explores the origins and evolution of four classic cocktails: Martini, Sour, Old Fashioned, and Champagne Cocktail.

The menu is designed and developed by Head Bartender Lidiyanah ‘Yana’ K and the ATLAS team, who have drawn inspiration from drinking history and their own personal experiences. Each cocktail category is accompanied by a beautifully illustrated chapter that provides insight into the cocktail’s heritage and its variations over time.

The menu also features an innovative step toward greater transparency by noting the Alcohol by Volume (ABV) percentage of each drink. This allows patrons to order according to their expectations and tailor their drinking journey to suit; the higher the percentage, the punchier the drink. Conversely, a drink with a lower percentage is expected to be lighter.

In each category, guests will find five drinks in this style, one being ATLAS’ signature version and four modern interpretations of this classic, including a no-alcohol interpretation. For example, in the Martini category, guests can enjoy the Montgomery 21.6% (S$24), named for a specific style of Martini that was favoured by British novelist Ernest Hemingway. This herbaceous cocktail is built upon mint tea-infused vodka, dry vermouth and absinthe, and comes with a garnish of olive oil caviar. Yana recommends tasting the drink before adding the garnish to appreciate how it changes the texture and body of the cocktail once its oils are released.

Each chapter also opens with a cocktail made in the milk punch style, a technique that dates back to the 17th century and involves clarifying milk with citrus juice to create a clear and smooth liquid. Within the Sours category, guests will find the Ode To Odyssey 7.2% (S$22), ATLAS’ take on the notoriously labour-intensive Ramos Gin Fizz. An egg white substitute, AER, recreates the unique mouthfeel while keeping an eye on sustainability. The Ode To Odyssey, made with Australian shiraz gin, clarified milk and a toasted raisin-cinnamon syrup, is a creamy, sweet, yet surprisingly refreshing concoction.

The new menu also showcases ATLAS’ extensive collection of spirits and wines, such as its world-renowned gin tower that houses over 1,300 labels of gin from around the world. Guests can discover rare and exclusive gins in some of the cocktails, such as the ATLAS Martini 26.4% (S$24), which features ATLAS’ own exclusive gin made in collaboration with St George Spirits in California.

The “Simple Pleasures” menu is available at ATLAS from Monday to Saturday, from 12pm to 10:30pm. Reservations are recommended and can be made by calling +65 6396 4466 or emailing