Three men were arrested after deputies crashed a cockfighting event in North Carolina, officials said.

Deputies with the Nash County Sheriff’s Office responded to an anonymous tip about a cockfighting event the morning of March 25, according to a news release from the sheriff’s office.

When deputies arrived, they found a man standing guard at a gate and taking payments from vehicles coming onto the property for the cockfight, the release said.

Several attendees scrambled to escape after noticing the deputies and people were “running to various locations off the property with chickens in their arms,” deputies said.

Deputies said they found cages across the property, including some that still had chickens and roosters inside. The entry fee to the cockfighting event was $40 and there were between 20 to 30 vehicles at the site, officials said.

The fight hadn’t taken place yet when deputies arrived. Three suspects were charged with “Cock Fighting,” which is a Class 1 Felony, deputies said. They were booked into the Nash County Detention Facility.

Nash County is about 50 miles northeast of Raleigh.

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