,  /PRNewswire/ — The world is beautiful because it is diverse, making it possible for the beauty of creation to be seen. One rising songwriter/producer has embraced this diversity as natural as breathing since blazing an alternative path onto the music scene in 2020.

Her one-name moniker is Anjalts, pronounced “on-jolts,” a reclusive multi-instrumental artist, songwriter and producer set to launch her 15-song, multi-genre Album project titled ‘Air to Fire’ hits the airwaves on February 17.

The album reflects a definitive non-explicit songwriting style of Anjalts’ experiences spanning the last three years of self-discovery, the painful loss of loved ones in 2020, and the preservation of hope and re-awakening to safeguard our greatest natural wonders, like the Amazon Rainforest damaged by the most traumatic fires in history.

It hits a personal space for Anjalts, who grew up with her grandparents in the tropical Caribbean country of GuyanaSouth America, where rainforest covers 87 percent of the land and has been protected for centuries by the local people of the Amazons.  A vital ecosystem that functions like the “lungs of the Earth,” filtering carbon-filled pollutants into cleaner oxygen that serves a greater purpose of survival for all.

“Anjalts initial album project cultivates a present-day perspective where she grew up and played in her homeland surrounded by ever-green rainforest beaming with life and its many diversities,” says Acen Sinclair, studio engineer at IXOmusic. “It’s natural to learn the importance of respecting the balance of Mother Earth, where the cause and effect of industrialization have left very little room for nature to regrow and flourish today.”

Anjalts shares her love for melody, a calming atmospheric voice and subdued cinematic synergy sparks the imagination of discovering a magical rainforest that’s slowly vanishing before our eyes,” explains Acen.

Most of her songs were mastered at Abbey Roads, who are experts at preserving the improvised rawness of Anjalts’ distant piano, psychedelic guitars, subtle new wave drum arrangements, and transient sound throughout the record. In addition, the overall diversity created by a female producer/songwriter on an entire album excites a rare freedom of encouragement in an industry that wields only about 2.8% of female music producers, most of them are independent artists who are taking the lead.

According to Anjalts, she never wanted the album to lose its natural imperfections and vocal intonations that usually get buried under too many digitally perfected mixes.  Reflecting on some of her musical heroes, like Pink Floyd, Tina TurnerDavid BowieWhitney Houston, Prince, Journey, Queen, and so many great masters, who composed music cherished the core melody that was pleasing to the ear and to the soul. On her Instagram, she recently posted:

“There is an unlimited spectrum in music that shares a love for balance that flows as easily as the wind through the trees.  If it hurts your head, then it’s a reflection of one’s life that has become too complicated. Music should be its relief, not its cause.” (Anjalts)

After releasing 13 singles, Anjalts has gathered over a million streams and growing. “The album was three years in the making, including two additional ambient bonus tracks,” said Sinclair. So it’s like having a 15-song playlist mix with a little bit of alternative pop, eco-conscious hip-hop, new wave, neo-soul, jazz-pop, and a touch of darkwave that adds to the allure of this album’s diversity.

Check out ‘Air to Fire’ the album drops February 17 HERE

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