In the film conceptualised by Leo Burnett, he Lay’s down the horrors of not stocking up on his favourite chips.

Lay’s has launched a campaign titled ‘Ghar pe Lay’s Always!’ (Lay’s at home always) featuring actor Rajkummar Rao. Conceptualised by Leo Burnett, the film aims to highlight the disadvantages of not stocking-up Lay’s at home.

The film opens up to Rao throwing a costume party at home with himself dressed as a burglar. When his girlfriend informs him that they’ve run out of Lay’s, he nervously heads out to the grocery store, starting a series of comedic mishaps – right from being mistaken as a real burglar by the public to getting arrested by the police. When released from jail, he tells the curious warden that all he did was go out to get Lay’s.

Towards the end of the film, he’s seen explaining to his girlfriend why he always stocks up in advance. He then shows off his fully stocked pantry with Lay’s, remarking, ‘Isliye…Ghar pe Lay’s Always!’ (This is why, there’s Lay’s always at home)

Shailja Joshi, director, marketing, potato chips category, PepsiCo India, said, “At Lay’s, we are committed to infuse a sense of joy into our consumers’ lives and uplift their consumption experiences with our distinct offerings and relatable storytelling. Our newest TVC film for ‘Ghar Par Lay’s Always’ perfectly captures the central role that Lay’s plays during at-home occasions. We’re thrilled to have associated with Rajkummar Rao for this campaign and he has fantastically brought this messaging to life in the film. We hope that it will prompt Lay’s fans to always keep their favourite Lay’s well-stocked at home and experience fun uninterrupted.”

Rajdeepak Das, CEO and chief creative office, Leo Burnett – South Asia, said, “Lay’s has always been the perfect snack partner and with this film we wanted to reiterate to the audiences to stock up their favourite Lay’s at home. With this hilariously exaggerated cautionary tale starring Rajkumar Rao, our film gives people a glimpse into the perils of not having ‘Ghar Par Lay’s Always’! If you don’t have Lays, anything can happen.




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