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Traveloka and Philippine Airlines have strengthened their cooperation to provide services to meet travellers’ needs and grow tourism in the Philippines and in South-east Asia.

Stanley Ng, president and chief operating officer of Philippine Airlines, said: “Our intent is for the partnership to unlock new travel options for our customers to fly with Philippine Airlines to various wonderful destinations all around the Philippines, and to diverse international destinations as well.”

Traveloka x Philippines 640
Traveloka and Philippine Airlines will collaborate to grow tourism in the Philippines and in South-east Asia

Under this partnership, domestic and foreign tourists will find it easier to visit various destinations in the Philippines, such as Siargao Island, El Nido, Coron and Balabac Islands.

Iko Putera, CEO of transport – Traveloka, noted that during the post-lockdown period, people’s enthusiasm for business and tourism travel has increased along with the return of consumers’ confidence.

He said: “Since 2015, Traveloka has expanded to six countries in South-east Asia, including the Philippines. Our presence in the market shows our commitment to offering services that focus on increasingly dynamic consumer needs (and) providing easy access through the adoption of technology to fulfil consumers’ travel aspirations in South-east Asia.

“Our platform offers various travel solutions and services, from accommodation options to local activities through Traveloka Xperience. We hope this partnership will positively contribute to tourism recovery in the Philippines and South-east Asia.”

Based on data from the Philippines Department of Tourism, around 83,000 tourists visited the Philippines from the South-east Asia region in 2020, a dramatic drop from over 526,000 in 2019 due to global border restrictions.

At the end of 2022 however, the number of South-east Asian visitors heading to the Philippines more than doubled, hitting 188,000 travellers.

Traveloka’s internal data from 2021 to 2022 depicted a recovery in the travel sector, with the number of visitors heading to the Philippines from South-east Asian countries – where Traveloka has operations – having increased by eight times. The number of passengers using the flight network of Philippine Airlines to various international destinations has also almost doubled.

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