A couple of days ago this tweet from reporter Elijah Schaffer popped up on our feed:

Which public commentators were openly correct about the pandemic in 2020 and were never fooled by the propaganda? (If they were unsure initially & took a couple months to catch on that’s fine too)

(So few I can hardly think of any, so please add names below)

— E (@ElijahSchaffer) January 21, 2023

It’s an interesting question, and not just because OffG is very definitely near the top of a very short list. You all know, I’m sure.

Most of our readers were right there with us being called granny-killing eugenicists – by mainstream and independent voices alike.

But as the “pandemic” narrative lurches uneasily into the revisionist stage, and many try to claim alternate media bona fides by writing themselves into the early chapters of a story they were never a part of, it’s interesting to look back.

For example, our first Covid-focused article was published three years ago today – January 24th 2020 – it was headlined:

REALITY CHECK: Coronavirus fear porn

…and, without any unseemly immodesty, we were pretty much on the mark from the outset. At the time only 26 people in the world had died of “Covid”, but even in those early days we were talking about martial law, predicting the fortune to be made by Big Pharma and warning of mandatory vaccines:

If you’re agenda-spotting in this case […] there is vaccination to consider. Medicine you have to take even if you’re not sick is a goldmine for pharmaceutical companies, and if the government makes them mandatory well, then that’s even better.

We were already questioning China’s role – another position that lost us friends.

We were even already calling the existence of “Covid” (or “the novel coronavirus” as it was then) into question:

We don’t even know for sure the disease exists at all, when you think about it.

Looking back, it’s almost funny to see Covid compared to SARS or Zika – at the time, though sceptics could spot the agenda, I don’t think anyone foresaw just how major this was going to be.

There were clues though, how out of proportion the media reaction was already, and how brutally attacked anyone who questioned that reaction was. Even from supposed alternative outlets who were either duped completely, played along out of cowardice, or were never as independent as they seemed.

Just a month later the planned scope was becoming clear, as one of our editors wrote:

This is greatest mass-panic I can remember in a long time, maybe since Y2K. Either the world is truly facing a global instance of mass hysteria, or some powerful hand is about to make a big play.

Three weeks after that, half the world was in lockdown.

That’s a lesson, I suppose. Question everything: You won’t be popular, but you’ll never be fooled.

Here’s some of our other early Covid output, required reading for anyone who wants a refresh on the early Covid rollout:


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