Three alleged members of a call centre scam gang, operating from one of Thailand’s neighbouring countries, are now in Thai police custody. They were found disguised as vendors at a market in Bangkok’s Nong Khaem district.

The three female suspects were identified as “Kwannarin”, “Sutthida” and “Nuan-anong”. They have been charged with fraud, involvement in a transnational criminal organisation, criminal association, money laundering and violations of the Computer Crime Act. They have denied all of the charges.

According to Pol Maj-Gen Teeradej Thumsuthee, investigative commander of the Metropolitan Police Bureau, while working in the call centre, the three women cheated a doctor in Chumphon Province out of about 101 million baht from, 11 million baht from retired teachers and 41 million baht from equity investors.

He said that Thai police have been monitoring the operations of the call centres in neighbouring countries, on the lookout for Thai nationals who have been lured or hired to work for them.

The three women have each earned several hundred thousand baht from working for the gang. Each was promised a 20,000 baht salary plus a 5% bonus from the money duped from victims.



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