A damning report made by Members of Parliament in UK has revealed that the British government was not able to help all Afghans who helped it during when Afghanistan was under the control of international coalition led by the US. These Afghans are now at the mercy of the Taliban regime. They remain stranded in Afghanistan. These Afghans helped the UK forces by working as interpreters, contractors. It is estimated that at least 4600 such Afghans are stranded inside the country. 

The previous Taliban regime was toppled by the US-led coalition after 9/11 terror attacks. The coalition forces were in control of Afghanistan for two decades. However, the Taliban rapidly gained control of the country in the run-up to the total withdrawal of foreign forces in August 2021. As the foreign troops were withdrawn, thousands of Afghans who had helped the coalition were also evacuated to western countries as there was a danger of Taliban reprisal against them for having helped the foreign troops. However, thousands still remain inside Afghanistan.

“The withdrawal from Afghanistan was a dark chapter in UK military history. For the Afghans who cooperated with the UK, and the British troops who served in the country, the nightmare is far from over,” said Conservative MP Tobias Ellwood, chairman of defence select committee. He was quoted by The Guardian.

“They are at risk of harm as a direct result of assisting the UK mission. We can’t change the events that unfolded in August 2021, but we owe it to those Afghans, who placed their lives in danger to help us, to get them and their families to safety.”

Britain’s Ministry of Defence told the committee that at least 4600 Afghans who helped British forces were stranded in Afghanistan. The ministry also said that 6600 people had been relocated by last November.

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