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If what is now happening and about to happen is not stopped, the world as we know it, will cease to exist. This is NOT hyperbole, it is rational truth.

Exactly what this will look like, nobody knows, but we can certainly guess, and it is only the details we are uncertain of. The broad stroke suggests there will be a relatively small group of unelected officials who will control the world. This really is already happening, it is just that most people do not realize it. And those same people do not realize the scope of the spread of this cancer.

Of course most of us who would read an article like this have suspected this “ending” for quite some time. Now we can be pretty certain it is happening. There have been a lot of obvious results of this agenda, but again, it hasn’t been hitting the average sheep enough for them to feel it directly. Many people are indeed dying, and many more are sick as a result of the “vaccines,” but not enough for the average sheep to notice, and if they do notice, they quickly attribute it to some asinine reason the “powers that be” shove down their throats.

This will only get worse as time progresses. More things will happen that are obvious to us, but not to sheep. It may reach a critical point where the average sheep realizes they have been wrong, but like the boiling frog metaphor, they may all go to their death, or worse, without ever correlating their suffering to what all of us already know—a conscious and intentional effort for a relatively small group of elites to control the world.

As a result of this control the rest of us will lose all or most of our freedoms, we will very likely be culled to a very small number, and that small remaining population will live quite restricted and difficult lives providing services, labor, and possibly worse, for the upper 10%.

So how do we know what we know? How do we know what is coming around the corner? I would say “what do we know that possibly would happen” but I am pretty certain this is going to transpire, it really isn’t a possibility. Maybe the speed in which it happens could be variable, and maybe the form it takes will string us out for a while and not seem as bad until many years pass. The world is already a mess, and again, most people think it just “happened” that way. This agenda has been in action for quite a while.

So, back to the question, how do we know?

Take a look at this documentary and it will give you a taste of some obvious indications.

Never Again

The first part of this five-part film focuses on the similarity between the Nazi take over in Germany and the atrocities they committed regarding human rights and human dignity and what is happening today. There certainly are differences when compared to today. But the similarities are frightening.

Why did most of the German people take this on rather than only the members of the Nazi party? Read Daniel Goldhagen’s Hitler’s Willing Executioners for some interesting insight. Why are people now so certain it is not something that could happen again?

How is it different, how is it the same? One blaring comparison is that the Nazis claimed Jews were a public health threat. If you call someone a public health threat, you are responsible for showing evidence for that claim. The Nazis didn’t bother to show evidence, and neither are our leaders now.

Michoel Green, a Chabad rabbi interviewed in Never Again said, “we have to be ready to die before we allow government to shut down our ability to worship.” A profound statement that does not only apply to the freedom to worship but applies to the destruction of bodily autonomy, the loss of freedom to gather and mingle with other human beings, the restriction to freely move about in one’s own country (soon to be limited to one’s own city), among many other things.

How else do we know the end is coming? Consider the Vaccine/Health/Personal ID passports, which we have heard about in one way or another for almost three years. In Canada, the province of Newfoundland and Labrador has just given the green light to proceed with this insanity. Do some research to understand the implications behind this very “Nazi” move.


Stoodley [Newfoundland and Labrador’s Digital Government Minister Sarah Stoodley] also mentioned that a provincial digital ID system will be easier to implement thanks to the province’s recent experience with its once-mandatory COVID vaccine passport, called the NLVaxPass.

Those who did not have the NLVaxPass, which in essence were those who chose not to get the COVID jabs, were barred from participating in many aspects of social life.

Stoodley informed citizens that the NLVaxPass is one way for people to verify “their identity” on the forthcoming digital ID application, noting that people previously used the vaccine passport to go into “restaurants and bars and shopping malls.”

“So that’s something that we’ve seen [that] now everyone is comfortable with,” she added.

Really? Who is “everyone” and define “comfortable”? I don’t think so. They also claim the IDs will be optional, but you would have to be brain dead not to see this is the process they also use to implement any device of control. Ease it in, optional, no restrictions, just an ID to make things easier on you. Then slowly things change, after it is too late.

Stoodley even states that these new IDs will be easier to implement because “people were already brainwashed to use the vaccine passports we forced on them last year”—my words, not hers. The first assault is always more difficult than the second, or the third, or the fourth.

A recent interview that can be found on the CHD.TV (Children’s Health Defense) is with Dr. Michael Yeadon a former VP and scientist of Pfizer pharmaceutical. This is a “must see” interview for anyone trying to better understand the situation we are currently in. Dr. Yeadon covers a lot of ground and shares with his audience his belief that the Covid vaccines were deliberately created to be toxic.

The implication in this assumption is beyond anything that we can even imagine. It of course supports the idea that genocide is an actual end goal. There really is no other explanation (see my article “No Other Explanation.”) This is a hard pill to swallow (no pun intended.) But swallow it we must in order to understand and comprehend what we are up against.

Another important development that indicates the world is about to radically change is the effort to limit people’s ability to move freely about. Mike Yeadon, in the above-mentioned interview, says: “Remember when it was three weeks to flatten the curve? Now it’s three weeks and you’ll run your car when we tell you.”

We are seeing the beginnings of implementing the limited city, popularly known as “15 Minute Cities.” This is clearly an attempt to control people’s desire to move around freely and is just the beginning of eventual total restriction. They present a flimsy “climate reason” for this, among other weak excuses. And of course, as with the health passport, they introduce it in small increments, clearly with the plan to expand the program as time goes on. You may question why I say “clearly.”

Of course for some it is easy to say, “no, that’s ridiculous, that is conspiracy theory.” If you look at any other programs from the historical past that restrict freedoms, for any reason at all, you will see this slow progression into fully restricted freedoms that started, in some examples, quite innocuously. This is a proven method, and has been used successfully for centuries.

Another goody: Australia set up and implemented “Covid Concentration Camps” during the height of the “virus’” spread. Now reports claim they have been closed and have announced that the “pandemic” is over. Personally I believe this “closing” and announcement of the end of worries is part of the nefarious agenda. Although that thought may be a bit on the paranoid side of things, I will still stick with it.

If we accept that near certain fact that all of this insanity was contrived and created as a part of the WEF backed agenda, then there would be no reason to officially do away with these facilities—they are not only found in Australia. They will open again, and will proliferate, when the proper time comes—in my humble opinion.

And how about just ending the whole thing with a little nuclear warfare? Frankly I don’t think they will play that card because a radiation cloud is not easy for the elite to avoid. It seems a better tactic to just use to escalate fear. But who knows, maybe.

And how long have all of these shenanigans been in the works? Take a look at Paul Schreyer’s video titled “Pandemic Simulation Games: Preparation for a New Era?” Stunning stuff.

I do not have the space to list every single program that the WEF, UN, WHO, have planned. The obvious ones coming up over the hill right now are the digital IDs/Health Passes, CBDC, the Global Pandemic Treaty, 15 Minute Cities, Social Credit Scores, limitations on travel, future masking, social restrictions, and lockdowns, either justified through Climate Change or some new “virus” that is introduced to the public.

There are also many social aberrations that are gaining traction in the culture, such as assisted suicide for mental illness, transgender and gender fluidity focus making its way into early education, transhumanism, presentism, the “woke” and “cancel” culture, to name just a few.

So there you have it. There is so much more to report it isn’t funny. Even if you only looked at those things that are verifiable through mainstream media, you still have a pretty clear picture of what is going down. Even if you want to diminish it by half, to feel better about it, we are still in trouble, and the world will be an entirely different place to live, probably in a very short amount of time. And that “difference” will not be good.

Buckle up for Mr Toad’s Wild Ride.

Todd Hayen is a registered psychotherapist practicing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He holds a PhD in depth psychotherapy and an MA in Consciousness Studies. He specializes in Jungian, archetypal, psychology. Todd also writes for his own substack, which you can read here


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