Marine scout sniper Justin Governale stars on ‘Naked and Afraid.’ (Image via Instagram)

Being “Naked and Afraid” may seem like a nightmare for viewers of the show that drops two nude contestants into the wild to see if they can survive for three weeks with limited tools at their disposal.

But for former Marine scout sniper Justin Governale, it was nothing new.

“When I was in the jungle, I knew I represented the Scout Sniper community, so you will find a total of ZERO SECONDS of me complaining out there,” Governale wrote on Instagram. “It was just another mission for me, one that just sucked a lot more than others. Marine Corps Scout Snipers might not be Special Operations, but we’re hard; pain retains.”

Governale, who wrote a separate post on Instagram about his formative years, said he grew up in a single-parent home, slept on floors most of his life, and found his way to the Marine Corps and then mixed martial arts. As a result, he believes that everything comes down to mind over matter.

“I attribute any mental fortitude to my mother, the woman who taught me crying in any situation will not get you out of it, yet action will,” he wrote. “Complaining is a waste of energy. I lost 38 pounds in 21 days, while keeping my composure, and learned so much about myself out there.”

The “Naked and Afraid” episode featuring Governale aired on Sunday, Feb. 26, on the Discovery Channel.

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