Singapore, get ready for a hot pot revolution! The Popular Hotpot Cou Cou parent company is thrilled to announce the opening of their first Xiabu Xiabu restaurant in Singapore at Lazada One on January 25th, 2023.

Xiabu Xiabu, which originated from the Hokkien language, is an individual hot pot concept founded in Beijing in 1998 and listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2014 by a Taiwanese Entrepreneur. The brand emphasizes on using the best and freshest ingredients to make the soup base for their diners.

The group has already launched the brand Cou Cou, meaning “gathering together”, with the opening of their first outlet in Suntec Singapore. After opening three Cou Cou restaurants in Singapore, they will be opening their first Xiabu Xiabu concept store at the Lazada One building, located in the city center next to Bras Brasah MRT.

The Xiabu Xiabu menu will be available at the Lazada One location and we invite you to follow us on Instagram for more information and updates as we have the chance to dine in.

xiabu xiabu lazada one menu

The restaurant address is:
Bras Basah Road
#01 03-04
Lazada One
Singapore (189554)

Mark your calendars and join us for a taste of the freshest and most delicious hot pot experience in Singapore!