If you haven’t been able to guess by now, we’re pretty passionate about burgers here at Big 7 Travel. For travellers, they’re one of the most ubiquitous foods out there, delivering the perfect punch of flavourful and filling. We enjoy working our way through local cuisines in far-flung corners of the globe, but sometimes all you want is a big, beautiful burger. And, you don’t have to go too far to find them. They’re everywhere. From Australia to Argentina, we’ve rounded up the best burgers in the world for 2022 using a ranking system that considers editorial experience, critic reviews, customer feedback, location and accessibility, presentation, value for money and atmosphere. You’ll likely recognise some old-time favourites here, but there are dozens of newbies worth raving about too. Get ready to drool.

50. El Honesto Mike –  Providencia, Chile 

There are dozens of brilliant burgers in Chile, but El Honesto Mike comes up trumps. The “Mcdowells” and the “Make America Great Again” – filled with fried onion rings, Yankee sauce, bacon, cheddar cheese and pickles atop a juicy patty – are real crowdpleasers, but you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, especially when it’s washed down with one of their brilliant brews.


49. South Eatery and Social House – Lagos, Nigeria 

Everything at South Eatery and Social House is fresh, so you won’t find any canned goods, processed ingredients and other nasties here. The beef is top quality and cooked to perfection too. Beyond delicious.


48. Bleecker Burger – London, England

If you appreciate simplicity when it comes to your burgers, you’ll love Bleecker Burger, where less really is more. There are just six flavourful burgers to choose from, including a delicious ten-day fermented deep-fried vegetable patty loaded with American cheese, onion, lettuce and house sauce. The juicy beef patty is perfectly cooked and promises to tantalise your tastebuds.


47. El Mono Bandido – Bogota, Colombia

Equal parts craft beer bar and burger joint, El Mono Bandido has got some seriously great vibes and a modern decor that’s to die for. The Burger Bandida, which comes with Manchego cheese, orange sauce and bacon, is a must-try. Pair it with a craft beer to really amp up the fantastic flavours.

El Mono Bandido

46. Burger Joys – Hong Kong

From the brioche bun to the wine-soaked USDA Black Angus beef patties, there’s a lot to love about the burgers at this Hong Kong burger bar. You bite into a light, fluffy bun that’s buttered to perfection. Then, your tastebuds are treated to the fantastic flavouring of beef, marinated in red wine butter. If that’s not enough to get you drooling then just take a look at the photo below. It’s irresistible.

Burger Joys

45. Zombie Bar –Madrid, Spain

Look beyond all those traditional tapas bars and you’ll see that Madrid boasts a burgeoning burger scene. There are now hundreds of burger joints to choose from, but Zombie Bar remains one of the most original. It’s not all about the beef either, with delicious fish, chicken and vegan options too. And, while it might be one of the best joints in the world, Zombie Bar doesn’t take itself too seriously either. In fact, it screams fun, from the huge Ronald MacDonald statue looming over the door to the multicoloured buns.


44. Dom Dom Burger –  Tokyo, Japan 

Japan’s oldest hamburger chain now boasts a hot new location in Ginza, Tokyo’s swankiest zip code. This new upscale branch boasts all the favourites, as well as a range of all-wagyu beef burgers and the eye-popping Marugoto (whole) Crab Burger. Seriously, they don’t do things by halves here.

Burger 3

43. B, de Burger – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This is a country that is famed for its world-class meat around the world, but it feels like they’ve kept the very best right here to make what is easily one of the most perfect burgers in the world.

Screenshot 2019 04 28 at 18.09.08

42. Social Burgerjoint – Helsinki, Kerava, Porvoo, Oulu, Lahfast foodre & Vaasa, Finland 

Billed as the coolest fastfood joint in Finland, Social Buwinnernt is tTuominenchild of Master Chef Finland winnter, Mika Tuomonen. You’ll find them in cities across the country, though the Helsinki branch was the original. You’ll find classics and smash burgers on the menu, as well as a brilliant range of vegan options. Of the Vegan Brooklyn Bronx, made a bean steak, chefs say: “Those in the know – Vegan Bronx is a concept, not a substitute”. Music to a vegan’s ears. 

Burger 4

41. Tucker’s Onion Burgers – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 

Tucker’s Onion Burgers specialise in, you’ve got it, onion burgers. Back when meat was scarce during the 1920s, savvy burger lovers in Oklahoma started padding the patty out with onions. Tucker’s has elevated the cult classic, with perfectly caramelized, crispy-on-the-edges hand-cut juicy premium ground beef, all served with hand-cut fries and creamy old-fashioned milkshakes.


40. Chez Victor – Quebec, Canada

Canadians from all over Quebec flock to Chez Victor for their famous Veganator. It’s savoury, delicious, and so packed full of flavour that it’s even better than a real burger. And, while this spot is home to one seriously tasty veggie burger, the traditional gourmet burgers on the menu are to die for, too. Try their venison burger, which is luxuriously topped with rosemary and red wine pears. Commence drooling.

Burger 4

39. Easey’s – Collingwood, Australia 

Easey’s is home to what is possibly Australia’s most controversial burger, The Metropolitan Burger. It’s an incredible sight to behold, a quad beef patty topped with cheddar, bacon, two potato cakes, two siu mail-like dim sum, pickles, onion and burger sauce. If you can eat it in under three minutes, it’s on Easey’s too. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, there are plenty of other reasons to hotfoot here, just take a look at the menu.  The setting is equally original, perched five stories up in a rooftop train carriage overlooking Melbourne City.

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38. JB’s Brewhouse – Jersey, United Kingdom 

At this genuine Jersey smokehouse, patties are hand-formed from local Woodlands Farm beef, then cooked using authentic natural wood flavours and techniques and slapped inside a bun from Vienna bakery. The result? A mouthwatering mouthful. Wash it down with one of the 100 craft beers available at the bar.

Burger 7

37.  Nowon – New York City, New York

Nowon is run by chef Jae Lee who has worked with some of the greatest names in the burger business and had a famous pop-up in the city. His restaurant has a cosy yet buzzy vibe and serves the legendary Dry Aged Double Cheeseburger with ‘American cheese and kimchi mayo, and dill pickle’. Truly, one of the best burgers in the United States.

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Screenshot 2020 02 19 at 18.20.06

36. Hoodbuger – Perth, Australia

Recently ranked as the best spot for burgers in Perth, there’s no denying the kind of quality they serve at Hoodburger. Enjoy the meaty beauties, all of which are inventive and unique. Case in point is their peanut butter and jelly cheeseburger, which is both sweet and savoury. If you’re craving something new, head here on Test Kitchen Tuesdays, where chefs whip up a  creative new burger for tasting.

Hoodburger Australia

35. Holsteins Burgers – Las Vegas, Nevada

Located on the second level of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Boulevard Tower, Holsteins Shakes and Buns is famous for its fabulous burger creations. Think Wagyu burger with foie gras, port onion marmalade, frisee, & truffle mayo. We heartily recommend The Gold Standard, made with dry-aged beef sirloin burger, smoked bacon, aged goat cheddar cheese, tomato confit, baby arugula, garlic-chive aioli

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34. Dog’s Bollocks — Cape Town, South Africa 

These burgers are heavy. Seriously, come hungry. The burgers are wider than average, piled high with a delicious combo of the patty, greenery, tomatoes, and more. Most people opt for one of the beef burgers, made with 200g medium beef, but the chicken is popular too. No need to leave your vegetarian pals at home either, the “Vag” burgers are a real crowd pleaser, made with a hand-crafted vag patty and topped with everything from vegan cheese to Mozambican prego sauce.

Dogs Bollocks

33. Burger Don —Ontario, Canada 

This prohibition-inspired burger joint offers a mouthwatering array of speciality burgers, but why not build your own? Choose from a sesame seed, brioche or doughnut bun, add your meat, choose your cheese and splash on some toppings. If you’re feeling flush, add on some luxury toppings too, like beer-braised onions and applewood smoked bacon. It’s so worth the calories.

Burger Don

32. Fergburger – Queenstown, New Zealand 

This legendary burger joint boasts a menu with more than 30 different burgers, from cod to tofu to pork belly. Meat patties are freshly prepped every day, and the team here make everything from scratch, including the sauces. The busy burger joint is so beloved, they’ve expanded their empire to include a bakery and gelato shop. Save room for dessert!


31. Pickl — Dubai, UAE 

This brilliant burger house, which started life in the Jumeirah Lakes Towers, is now cropping up in all corners of the region. We’re not surprised, with those chuck patty burgers and squidgy potato buns. Choose from beef, chicken or Impossible burgers, all served with fries loaded high with beef bacon and other delicious toppings.

Burger 5

30. Hall Of Flame Burgers – Ruidoso, New Mexico

Hall of Flame’s burgers is BIG and spicy. For a proper taste of the south, they put chilli in most of the burgers too. Try the green chilli burgers with bacon and avocado, served alongside crunchy beer batter fries. Service is speedy, even when the queues are long.

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Hall of Flame

29. Kabo Burger – Hong Kong

This Hong Kong-style burger hotspot started life as a tiny local shop in the Kwai Chung neighbourhood, but its popularity has exploded in the past couple of years. So much so, that the restaurant has now moved to a larger space at the Tsim Sha Tsui outlet, to keep more people happy. The truffle burger, topped with truffle sauce over melted cheese, is a must-try. Or, for something even richer, try the oxtongue burger which takes at least two days to cook. Burgers are served with regular fries or fried siu mai.

Burger hong kong

28. The Thurman Cafe – Columbus, Ohio 

Columbus can lay claim to some of the most iconic burgers in the world (Wendy’s, anyone?), but The Thurman Cafe is something special.  Over-the-top is their style, and we love them all the more for it. If you’re feeling outrageous, opt for The Thurmanator, which is crammed full of just about every delicious ingredient you can imagine – bacon, cheese, mozzarella, mushrooms, ham and a 12-ounce patty.

Thurman Cafe

27. The Beef Chief – Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Beef Chief’s big fat burgers inevitably end up in our annual roundups. Served from a 1970s Citroen van, for years you’d need to check out Simon’s latest social posts to track down the latest locations. These days, you’ll find him serving up these delicious bunds at Gedempt Hamerkanaal from Thursday to Sunday. The Kimchief Burger is truly mindblowing.

Beef Chief

26. Harvest Eatery – Saskatchewan, Canada

People come from far and wide to this award-winning restaurant, and no one ever leaves disappointed. It’s an exciting menu, but the real showstopper is The Harvest Burger. Sink your teeth into a sesame brioche bun stuffed with an all-beef patty, aged cheddar and a secret Harvest sauce.

Harvest Eatery

25. Manhattn’s Burgers – Brussels, Belgium 

This popular burger joint now has seven locations dotted across the city, which is a testament to how tasty their burgers are. There’s a wide range to choose from, most made with Irish Angus beef though there is an excellent veggie option made with falafel instead. For a little fire on the palette, opt for the Flatiron Spicy Burger, made with a special spicy sauce and zingy jalapenos. The frites are unforgettable too, and in a country famous for them that’s no mean feat.

Screenshot 2022 10 18 at 17.00.29

24. Burgers Never Say Die – Los Angeles, California

BNSD’s fandom is intense but oh-so-deserved. The legendary pop-up recently opened up a permanent spot in Silver Lake where the long lines for these smashed beauties show no sign of slowing down. Our top tip? Always. Get. Two. When something is this good, one is never enough.

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23. Spot Gourmet Burgers – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

At Spot Gourmet Burgers, they trust you to build your own masterpiece. Choose from fresh ground USDA sirloin, organic chicken or a veggie patty, then simply choose three toppings and any number of condiments. Or you could opt for the chef’s creations like the ‘Unami’, made with mushrooms, grilled onions, lettuce, pickled daikon, ssamjang, cucumber and pickled daikon.


22. Bar Luca – Sydney

One look at the piled-high burgers here and it’s easy to see why so many people think they’re some of the best burgers in Australia. If you’re visiting in 2022, there’s no way you can pass up on the chance to try one of their creative concoctions. From Indian poutine and Maplewood bacon to truffle aioli, the crazy, delicious toppings they serve here are some of the most unique you’ll find in the entire country.

Bar Luca 1

21. Three Buns – Jakarta, Indonesia

With locations in Singapore and Jakarta, Three Buns has a hugely loyal band of super fans who swear by their burgers. Big juicy patties, perfect buns and sauces that bring the whole experience together perfectly. Not only is this one of the best burgers in Asia, it’s one of the best on the planet.


20. Flipside – Sligo, Ireland 

Flipside is living proof that fast food can be made thoughtfully, with high-quality ingredients. They’ve perfected the art of hand-crafted burger patties here, all using 100% Sligo Angus beef. If you’re yet to experience the crisp perfection of a smash burger, opt for The Smash Hit: two 3oz smashed Angus patties ironed together, topped with juicy fried onions, yellow mustard, American cheese and chunky pickle burger sauce, between a gorgeously toasted garlic butter brioche bun. The vegetarian, made with black beans and chickpeas, is well worth a try, even if you do usually eat meat. We’re not the only ones raving about these burgers either; Flipside won the National Burger Awards in 2021.


19. The Frying Pan — Vancouver, Canada 

OK, so The Frying Pan isn’t technically a burger joint, but it does serve up the best chicken burgers in town. The popular Korean street food chain started as a food truck between Pender Street and Burrard Street, but this year they’ve moved into their first bricks and mortar premises. Order the Double Decker, you won’t regret it.

Chicken burger

18. Bamba Marha Burger Bar/ The Goofy Cow Burger – Budapest, Hungary (and Dubai UAE)

Ranked as the No. 1 burger in Hungary, this classic Budapest burger bar boasts some of the best burgers in the business. The secret to their success here lies in the ingredients: high-quality beef and locally sourced toppings. There’s something for every taste on the menu too, from the classic cheeseburger to the Big Kahuna, made with cheddar cheese, grilled bacon, grilled pineapple and teriyaki sauce. What you end up with is an absolute taste sensation that tantalises and impresses every single time you visit. This roaring success has opened up a second location in Dubai under the name The Goofy Cow Burger


17. 4505 Burgers & BBQ – San Francisco 

This barbecue joint serves up top-tier burgers in the heart of the city. The grass-fed beef patties are plump and juicy, the lettuce is crisp and the gruyère cheese is a winning touch. We heartily recommend going the whole hog with a fried egg on top too.

burgers united states

16. Community Tavern – Chicago, Illinois

If you’re up to speed with our annual burger roundups, Community Tavern will already be a familiar face. It has featured in most of our roundups for good reason. The husband and wife team who own the tavern put a lot of love and care into all of their dishes, but it’s the burger that really stands out. This colossal double cheeseburger comprises two juicy patties, draped in cheese and topped with caramelized onions and a zingy sauce.

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burgers united states

15. Bread Meats Bread – Glasgow & Edinburgh, Scotland 

Bread Meats Bread boasts one of the mightiest menus we’ve ever seen, with more than 15 mouthwatering burgers to choose from. You could play it safe with one of the classics, but we recommend going all out and opting for the Wolf Burger. It’s a bacon cheeseburger loaded with pulled pork in tangy BBQ sauce, crispy fried onions and gochujang mayo. Patties are made of three different cuts of dry-aged grass-fed Scotch beef from small Perthshire farms too. A word to the wise: come hungry, the portions are huge.


14. Jack Brown’s Beer & Burger Joint – Birmingham, Alabama

Founded by childhood friends in 2014, there’s a wide range of brilliant burgers on the menu at Jack Brown’s but we recommend trying one of the ‘speciality burgers. These bad boy burgers are made with 100% all-natural Wagyu beef. Local favourites include the Elvis (wagyu topped with peanut butter, mayo, applewood smoked bacon and American cheese) and the Dr Gonzo (with sautéed mushrooms, Guinness onions, Swiss cheese applewood smoked bacon).

burgers united states

13. Gasoline Grill – Copenhagen, Denmark

Set in a former gas station near Kgs. Nytorv, Gasoline Grill has won countless local and international awards for its epic burgers and thick, crinkly fries. There are just four delicious burgers to choose from, which makes it nice and easy for indecisive eaters. Patties are made from 100% organic beef and topped with a secret “gasoline sauce”. Juicy perfection.

Gasoline Grill e1666183963222

12. Smokin’ Joes – Durban, South Africa

Smokin’ Joe’s serves knockout burgers made of prime beef ground in-house daily. Standard patties weigh 65 grams but if you’re feeling peckish, treat yourself to a “heavyweight” made with a whopping 180 grams of juicy chargrilled and basted beef. And, if you’re feeling flush you can upgrade to a wagyu patty. Fries are loaded with truffle and thyme, chilli cheese or smoked macon and chilli cheese for some added decadence.

Smokin Joes

11. Bub’s NOLA – New Orleans, Louisiana 

Bub’s, which started life in 2020 as a pop-up, is named in memory of the late Rand Owens. Their burgers became so popular that it quickly became evident that the tight-knit group of friends would need a permanent home (now on Banks Street). If it’s your first time here, opt for their namesake burger, made with two juicy patties formed on hot griddles, American cheese, pickles, onions and ‘Bub sauce’, stacked onto a brioche bun.


10. Burgermeister – Berlin, Germany

This iconic burger joint is so popular, it’s practically a local institution. Located in a vintage (former) public toilet under the Schlesisches Tor subway, it’s easy to spot thanks to the nearly-permanent queue of burger enthusiasts trailing out the door. Pop in for the classic cheeseburger or the Meister Allen Klarson, made with a double patty, double cheese, bacon, jalapenos, barbecue sauce lettuce, tomato and dill pickles. Yum.


9. Mamo Burger Bar – Ontario, Canada

It’s not the first time Mamo Burger Bar has slipped into our top 10, and we’re certain it won’t be the last. These blockbuster burgers are piled high with some seriously creative toppings, from macaroni cheese to peanut butter and siracha strawberry jelly. There’s even a turkey burger, made with soy-glazed pineapple and roasted garlic aioli. A stroke of creative genius.

Mamo Burger Bar

8. Smash Tag – Rome, Italy 

One of Rome’s newest burger joints has fast become a favourite with locals. Smash Tag is the best place in the city for a truly American-Italian burger. Riccardo Di Salvo Salvo, Ivan Leone, and Giorgio Rajani set up shop in April 2021 and they’ve been doing a roaring trade ever since. Their best-selling Smash Burger is crispy and juicy, selected from different cuts of meat every day. There’s a whole string of secret sauces too, making for a truly unique bite.


7. Mother Flipper – London, UK 

There’s stiff competition when it comes to the best burger in the city – London is home to some of the best burger joints on the continent. But when it comes to quality burgers without gimmicks, it’s hard to beat Mother Flipper. Made with 35-day aged steak and cooked medium rare, we’d go as far as to say these are the juiciest burgers in the city. The ‘Candy Bacon Flipper’, made with red onion, pickle, American cheese and bacon fried in maple syrup is a real crowd-pleaser. Beware, it’s a weekend treat only. You’ll need to hotfoot to Brockley Market on Saturdays from 10-2 pm to sink your teeth into these bunds. You can also find them at Kerb Food Markets around London.

Mother Flipper

6. The Nook – St. Paul, Minnesota 

The Nook describes itself as a small place with big burgers, and boy are they right about that. It’s the best place in town to try a ‘Jucy Lucy’ – a stuffed burger with cheese melted inside the meat instead of on top for an extra gooey bite. You can also choose a pretzel or wheat bun too.

burgers united states

5. La Birra Bar – Buenos Aires, Argentina (now also Miami & Madrid) 

This family-run business has long been one of Argentina’s favourite burger joints. Then, in 2021 it became the first ever Argentine hamburger chain to reach the U.S, opening its doors on Biscayne Boulevard in North Miami Beach. The family has a self-described obsession with creating the burger, which we can easily believe. Everything is made from scratch, from the hand-chopped beef to the pickles, for the perfect mouthful.


4. BAP– Burgers and Pastrami – Stockholm, Sweden 

Opened in 2017, Burgers and Pastrami has quickly become one of Stockholm’s favourite burger joints. In the past year or so, this busy burger joint has elevated itself to new heights, with imaginative creations like the “Truffle Trouble” and the “BBQ Swey”. Burgers are tender, and juicy and served with a generous side of crispy fries.


3. Burger Geek – Auckland, New Zealand

For one of the most beautiful burgers in the world, you’ll need to hotfoot to Auckland. Think tender, juicy beef topped with oozing cheese and stuffed in a pillowy soft and buttery brioche bun. The team here don’t take any shortcuts either: they source bread from local bakeries, cure bacon for seven days and smoke it using applewood in-store and make patties from their own special blend of Wagyu and Angus cuts, freshly ground on-site every day.


2. Midcity Smashedburger, – Portland, Oregon

These burger boys are, quite literally, smashing it. The New Orleans-born business boasts Portland’s best – and newest – smash burger. On the surface, it’s just meat, cheese and sauce in a bun but the reality is so much more. Two thin and crispy beef patties are smashed together beneath a cast iron press, slathered with American cheese slices and the chef’s own special smash sauce, and then served between two fluffy buns. All for just $6. The nostalgic food cart has been such a hit that there are now 4 locations to choose from, Level Beer, Cartside Food Pod, Uptown Brewing and Boneyard Beer.

burgers united states

1. Royal Stacks – Melbourne, Australia

This cult-classic burger joint is no stranger to our burger roundups, but this is the first time it’s nabbed first place. What swung the vote? A funky new location at the Emporium. Choose from 13 delicious pattys loaded up with ooey-gooey cheese and served alongside potato in almost every form, from french fries to cheesy potato gems. It’s as good as it sounds.

Royal Stacks



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