The Department Store offers a one-stop-shop, both online and offline for goodies from more than 30 brands locally and imported. 

Roar into the Chinese New Year festive celebration with Takashimaya Department Store! This year’s celebration of the Year of the Tiger begins December 28, 2021, and lasts through January 30, 2022. The department store hosts the most variety of goodies and brands you can choose from, both online and offline.

Every Chinese New Year, delectable cookies and snacks fill the houses. Families come together to enjoy a meal of reunion, bringing along red packets and gifts. The houses are spring-cleaned and decorated with Chinese New Year ornaments. Takashimaya offers a one-stop-shop to purchase all that you need for the upcoming festive celebration. Be awed by the selection of cookies, snacks, reunion delicacies, gift sets and decorations that Takashimaya Department store offers.

There are up to 10 different brands offering pineapple tarts and some of the recommended ones are KELE, Home’s Favourite, Juz Bread Premium, and Baker’s Well. 

KELE Pineapple Tarts were voted the Best Pineapple Tarts in Singapore. With a history of 30 years, they have been continuously working on their craft and refining their family recipe and have perfected the jam to the right blend of sweet and tangy. They are dedicated to using the best quality ingredients to create mouthwatering pastries that usually sell out well before Chinese New Year.

Home’s Favourite unique selection of flavours has been well-loved since its humble beginnings and has grown in popularity over the years. They were also the creators of the Black Gold Traditional Pineapple Tarts. The tart is a visual twist that is perfect for those who appreciate little aesthetic touches.

Deviating from the traditional goodies, we also have brands that cater to the more adventurous groups with innovative and interesting fusion from the original Chinese New Year goodies. Check out Christine’s by The Cookie Museum and Mdm Ling Bakery which offers pretty, modernized packaging with delightful cookies!

Go nuts over the Striped Groundnuts from King of Melon Seeds! Perfect for the year of the Tiger, these Striped Nuts are dressed for the occasion. It symbolises Prosperity and Longevity. The yummy peanut butter taste makes it a highly sought-after choice amongst nut lovers. Another highly recommended choice would be the Dragon Eye Black Melon seeds. It signifies Abundance and Many descendants. This premium grade melon seeds are handpicked for its large size and thicker flesh. This bestseller is slightly salted and roasted to perfection.

One of the classic crowd favourites would be the Garlic Sweet Empings, an original creation from Rasa Sayang. A combination of traditional belinjau and a family secret marinade recipe, creating an intense delicious flavour of bitter belinjau, caramelized garlic and spicy chili. The Garlic Sweet Emping is the pride and joy of Rasa Sayang.

For Kueh Lapis lovers, explore the new pineapple flavoured Kueh Lapis from HarriAnns to usher in Wealth and Prosperity. Indulge in a “thousand” layers of heavenly buttery goodness that melts in your mouth, combining the fragrance from the golden fruit with a hint of tartness to round off the palate. The pineapple flavoured kueh lapis is guaranteed to send you to gastronomical heaven with every bite!

peony jade yu sheng tiger

An energetic Lou Hei Yee Sang must not be missed, especially when it is specially made to look like a tiger to fit the zodiac of the year! Head down to Peony Jade Restaurant to get a set of the Tiger Yee Sang to start Chinese New Year roaring!

A more diverse Chinese New Year reunion delicacies can be found at BBQ Chef and Tam Kah, ranging from Fish Maw, Canned Abalone to Frozen Seafood. You may also find imported King crab and Hokkaido Scallops from Kitaguni, good for a sumptuous reunion dinner too!

Pryce Tea and Wing Joo Loong offers a wide range of gift sets, suitable as gifts to in-laws, relatives and friends. Pryce Tea offers a Prosperity Gift Set that comes with two treasure tins containing phenomenal flavours of the finest Taiwanese teas, a pineapple cup containing tantalising pineapple tarts, and a Pavilion teapot set. Encased in a limited-edition customisable gift box, they also provide complimentary personalisation service for you to make that gift extra special.


A very classic gift that will never go wrong is the Bird’s Nest. Enjoy the benefits of Korean red ginseng and bird’s nest with Wing Joo Loong Premium Indonesian Bird’s Nest with Korean Red Ginseng Extract. It is specially prepared from premium grade 100% genuine Bird’s Nest, specially selected and cleaned to provide nourishment for everyone in the family. Containing 6-year-old Korean red ginseng extract, enjoy a boost of immunity, energy and blood circulation in this nourishing tonic.

Exclusively available on the online store, brands like Jab and NestBloom are very suitable as gifts. Jab offers high quality Korean Ginseng without compromising on affordability.  In times where diseases and illnesses abound, a strong and healthy immune system is the first line of defence. NestBloom is a revolutionary brand specialising in the creation of epicurean ediblebeauty products featuring Bird’s Nest as its main ingredient.

Beside yummy goodies to fill the stomach, amp up the Chinese New Year mood with beautiful decorations from Shevron. The decorations are made with premium materials such as Swarovski Singapore crystals, pure gold thread from Japan and unrivalled embroidery, silkscreen print and digital print techniques.

With such a wide selection of goodies and decorations available, Takashimaya Department Store is definitely the place to visit to stock up before the Chinese New Year.


Participating Brands

Talking Hall, B1 Promotion Pillar, B2
1.     Bake Inc

2.     Baker’s Well

3.     Tai Chong Kok

4.     Christine’s by The Cookie Museum

5.     Juz Bread

6.     KELE

7.     Mdm Ling Bakery

8.     My Mum’s Cookies

9.     Kee Wah Bakery (Hong Kong)

10. Hong Kong MX (Mei-Xin)

11. Peony Jade Restaurant

12. Wing Joo Loong

13. Shevron

1.     King of Melon Seeds

2.     Rasa Sayang

3.     Kitaguni (Frozen scallop, king crab, Ling Zhi)

4.     BBQ Chef

5.     Tam Kah

6.     Pat Chun

7.     Yi Lai Shuen

8.     Kwong Cheong Thye

(Opposite Thai Express, B2)

9.     HarriAnns (Opposite Ya Kun, B2)

Next to Osim, B1 In House Concessionaires, B2
1. Pryce Tea1.     Butter Studio

2.     Bengawan Solo

3.     Cookie Mixx

4.     Kazo

5.     Yi Kou Wei

6.     Bee Cheng Hiang

7.     Nuts and Nibbles

8.     Godiva

9.     Laderach

10. Dragon Brand Bird’s Nest

11. Thye Shan Medical Hall

12. Tai Cheong Bakery

13. Gourmet Grocery by OurChoice

14. Kyoho-ya

15. TWG Tea

16. Venchi

 In front of Fountain, B2
 1. Home’s Favourite

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Takashimaya Department Store

Tue, 28 Dec 2021 to Sun, 30 Jan 2022

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Tue, 28 Dec 2021 to Fri, 21 Jan 2022

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Mon, 10 Jan 2022 to Sat, 29 Jan 2022

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Sun, 16 Jan 2022 to Sun, 30 Jan 2022 (Revised Date)


Tue 28 Dec to Sun 9 Jan

Early Bird Special: Up to 30% off selected brands

Thu, 30 Dec to Sun, 2 Jan

$10 CNY Festive Celebrations Voucher Redemption

  • First 200 DBS/POSB Cardholders daily will receive a $10 CNY Voucher with a minimum spend of $200 (max 3 same-day receipts) at Takashimaya Department Store Redemption at Food Hall, B2, opposite St. Leaven Bakery

Thu, 6 Jan to Sun, 9 Jan (Revised Date) 2 x $5 F&B Voucher Redemption

  • First 150 DBS/POSB Cardholders daily will receive 2 x $5 F&B vouchers with a minimum spend of $200 (max 3 same-day receipts) at Chinese New Year Festive Celebration (Talking Hall, B1 and Food Hall, B2)
  • Redemption at Food Hall, B2, opposite St. Leaven Bakery

Tue, 11 Jan to Fri, 14 Jan (Revised Date)

Takashimaya Card Day: Additional 10% off

    Exclusive promotion for DBS Takashimaya Cardholders on selected brands

Thu, 20 Jan to Sun, 23 Feb (Revised Date)

Gift with Purchase – Exclusive Promotion for DBS Takashimaya Cardholders

  • First 200 DBS Takashimaya Cardholders will receive a free exclusive Chinese New Year charm with minimum spend of $250 (max 3 combined receipts) at Chinese New Year Festive Celebration (Talking Hall, B1 and Food Hall, B2)

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