The one-stop digital platform, Tourism Information & Services Hub, helps companies garner exposure, source content for their marketing needs, and innovate through APIs with less time, money and effort

With helpful resources at their fingertips on the free-to-use Tourism Information & Services Hub, tourism businesses can build their competitive edge, while saving on cost, time and effort
With helpful resources at their fingertips on the free-to-use Tourism Information & Services Hub, tourism businesses can build their competitive edge, while saving on cost, time and effort

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To ride the current tidal wave of travel resumption, increase visibility and cut through the noise, tourism businesses can leverage STB’s Tourism Information & Services Hub (TIH) to save costs and time on their digitalisation journey, while accelerating their efforts to enhance their product offerings.

For example, by capitalising on TIH services such as tourism listings that are updated in real-time, extensive media repositories and 3D models, they can create engaging, impactful marketing materials with less time, money and effort, as well as proliferate to a wider audience.

With these helpful resources at their fingertips on the free-to-use digital resource platform, tourism players can now bridge gaps in their businesses such as stretching their budget and overcoming manpower constraints.

Testimony to the integrated B2B2C platform’s extensive reach as a useful enabler, STB’s chief technology officer, Wong Ming Fai, told TTG Asia that to date, over 6,700 registered business users and over 12,000 registered users, representing over 6,900 businesses have come onboard TIH.

“The majority of our users on TIH access two of its key features – the extensive media repository and listings of Singapore’s tourism offerings.”

Increase revenue, brand visibility, and business opportunities
Monster Day Tours, under Woopa Group, is run by founder and CEO, TY Suen, who saw a huge increase in traffic and brand visibility which translated into more revenue after tapping on TIH.

Elaine Quek, head of sales & marketing, Madame Tussauds Singapore, also found it beneficial to have its offerings listed on and its app via TIH as it was a cost- and resource-efficient way of reaching out to new customers after borders reopened.

For travel-tech companies like Vouch, the readily available Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) on TIH allowed it to capitalise on the wide range of high quality and up-to-date tourism content, as well as travel software services.

Founder and CEO, Joseph Ling, offered: “This has allowed us to bring our digital solutions to market faster and expand our business into the tourism segment quickly and easily.”

Staying relevant in current climate
To assist tourism businesses to stay ahead and capture the demand in the current recovery trajectory, TIH also plans to continue growing its extensive repository of content, especially in wellness and sustainability, as well as in Singapore-themed 3D models.

This way, it can cater to the rise of eco-conscious consumers and help businesses create virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) projects that enhance their digital products and create immersive experiences respectively, added Wong.

“As travellers continue to seek personalised experiences, TIH features such as the Recommendation Engine and the Smart Itinerary Planner can also help tourism players keep up with the changes in consumer preferences and curate the best personalised experience for their customers.”

How TIH helps turbocharge tourism businesses
The online portal amplifies exposure of tourism businesses by providing real-time updates across STB’s marketing channels, TIH’s tourism partners’ websites and apps for their product listings.

TIH also enables them to explore mixed reality options with STB’s AR inspirations library and also extract compelling content by accessing its extensive database of information on over an extensive range of places and experiences, 14,000 quality images, analytics and insights, and over 100 3D models for their business needs.

To boost their technological capabilities, travel and hospitality players can innovate easily with TIH’s APIs too – which allow businesses to extract over 100 information and content APIs for their website or app in real-time and utilise free plug-and-play digital services to create personalised and convenient experiences for their customers.

Wong added: “TIH aims to be an accessible and effective digital platform for all tourism businesses, small or large, looking to cut through the noise in a highly competitive tourism sector. Through its extensive, innovative and up-to-date resources, tourism businesses can market destination Singapore easily and more effectively to capture the attention of travellers and broaden their consumer base.”

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