The size of an MLCC is one 250th of a grain of rice.
The size of an MLCC is one 250th of a grain of rice.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics (SEMCO) is expected to scale up its production capacity for high-performance automotive multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs), a new engine, in 2023 to narrow its market share gap with major competitors.

Taiwanese market research firm TrendForce predicted on Feb. 15 that SEMCO’s share of the world’s automotive MLCC production capacity will reach 14 percent in 2023. This percentage represents an increase of 9 percentage points from 4 percent in 2022. SEMCO is expected to log the largest increase among the top five MLCC makers in the world. In contrast, the shares of current market powerhouses such as Japan’s Murata, TDK, and Taiyo Yuden are expected to drop 3 to 5 percentage points compared to 2022. “SENCO will be equipped with facilities to produce two to three billion more MLCCs for vehicles on a monthly basis,” Trend Force said.

SEMCO is making efforts to enter the automotive sector to overcome the recent recession in the information technology (IT) market. MLCC industry insiders forecast that the global automobile MLCC market will reach US$ 2.9 billion in 2023 and expand by 37.93 percent to US$4 billion in 2026.

This year, SEMCO is expected to focus its investment on production bases such as Tianjin, China as demand for key IT products such as smartphones shrank due to a recent economic slowdown. In particular, it plans to focus on producing highly reliable automotive products with its rich know-how accumulated through production of advanced IT MLCCs.




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