Taking organic cannabis and easy access to the next level, there is now a cannabis farmers market in San Francisco, California

The monthly event happens at two different downtown dispensaries: Moe Greens on Market Street and Barbary Coast on Mission Street. The idea is that instead of just being funneled through a line and then paying and leaving, customers can browse and experience cannabis in a more accessible setting and even talk to the farmers who grew the plants. 

An article from SFGATE follows a reporter who attended the market to see what wonders it has in store.

“Last month, I visited the farmers market at Moe Greens for the second time,” wrote Lester Black. I’d been once before and was so impressed by the experience that I wanted to go again to confirm it wasn’t a fluke. It’s definitely the real deal: During both of my visits, I discovered mind-blowing pot, from weed that smelled so sweet and citrusy that I thought I was smelling fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice to a strain that was as rich as strawberries and cream.”

The farmers market was started by Susan Tibbon, who works with the owners of the dispensary to showcase the farmers and their product at the monthly event. Tibbon is also the owner of Lovingly & Legally, a local topical brand that she runs with her partner, Paul Hasbury. They love the local market, but feel that all the rules and regulations make it difficult to support small-scale farmers, and wanted to do something to get them in front of the community. Each month, she brings in about half a dozen farmers to set up booths.

“Everybody kept saying we need to do something for the small farmers, so we decided to do something,” Tibbon told SFGATE. “These are the real pioneers of the industry that get their hands dirty to make the genetics and the future of cannabis possible.”

Farmers Market Experience in San Francisco

Speaking of his experience attending the market, Blacks said, “At one of the recent Moe Greens markets, I felt like I’d found the future of cannabis when I smelled a strain called Forbidden Fruit, grown by Perrin Family Farm in Mendocino County. I was walking by the brand’s table when Russell Perrin, the farmer behind the one-man operation, asked me if I wanted to check out some of his pot. He opened up a mason jar, and as I leaned my nose in, I immediately knew I was going to buy some. The scent was sweet and sour like grapefruit, with some pine notes mixed in. It was that rare type of weed that’s so pungent that it smells artificial, but it’s just really good organic pot grown outdoors in one of California’s world-famous growing regions.”

To make things even more fun and hands-on, the market allows you to smoke what you purchase, so you can roll up right after you check out. There’s even a lounge with complimentary rolling papers. 

Another farmers market customer, Amber Belasco, told the journalist, “I like coming to Moe’s just for an after-work dab, and when I’m lucky enough to interact with a grower, I’m all about it. It’s just a really nice way to connect with people who are creating the cannabis that I love to enjoy.”

Phil Crew, a farmer from Mendocino Family Farm, told SFGATE of one of the strains he sells, “This [GMO Cookies strain] sells itself. You would be out of your mind not to buy it. But it’s hard for me to get it into the stores, because so many people are trying to get into the stores that you get overlooked really easily.”

As the event continues to gain traction, folks return month after month. Hopefully, other cities and states will follow suit, as this is a great way to get customers and farmers in direct contact.

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