Regal Hotels Group has tapped into the metaverse by acquiring a “Land” at Mega City 2 of The Sandbox and launching MetaGreen, said to be the first green metropolis in the decentralised gaming virtual world.

The first phase of the development will launch on January 12, with support from pioneering strategic partners Hang Seng Bank, UOB Hong Kong, City Super Group and The Mills.

Regal Hotels gameplay 640
The first phase of MetaGreen will launch on January 12

It includes an array of eco-friendly facilities, including Regal Hotels as the first eco-friendly hotel built in the metropolis. Gameplay highlights comprise Hang Seng Bank Metaverse Branch where the community can learn about ESG investments; UOB Art Space in MetaGreen’s Art Park; The Mill’s sustainable techstyle space; and more.

Poman Lo, vice-chairman and managing director, Regal Hotels Group, shared: “Regal Hotels group seeks to co-create a powerful collaborative ecosystem with strategic partners to inspire decarbonisation and behavioural changes in the consumer and business communities.

“MetaGreen is a progressive green movement aimed at promoting green actions in (the) metaverse and real life through immersive edutainment experiences, online and offline rewards. By harnessing the power of technology, MetaGreen will help accelerate the transition to a circular economy and a brighter, greener net zero future for us all!”

Sebastien Borget, chief operating officer and co-founder of The Sandbox, added: “The MetaGreen initiative from Regal Hotels Group is a first pillar that will set an example for additional environmentally-focused projects in the metaverse, to be followed by other large brands and companies worldwide.

“In the coming months, we hope to encourage more ESG-related development to boost the long-term environmental sustainability of The Sandbox.”



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