Husband, restaurateur, stock trader, and businessman are just a few of the roles that continue to ignite fire in Chase Yap’s life. 

This is an excerpt from Lifestyle Asia’s March 2023 Issue.

Chase Yap wears multiple hats. First, he’s Managing Partner at The Penthouse 8747, a Great Gatsby-inspired lounge and restaurant that offers fantastic al fresco dining overlooking the Ayala Triangle Gardens with an amazing view of the impressive Makati skyline and the surrounding Central Business District. It has stayed open since 2016 despite the times the lounge had to close and everyone was staying home due to the pandemic. 

When asked what his proudest accomplishment is regarding the respected establishment, he replies, “First is how we have been able to stay true to our vision of providing premium experience at great value to our customers. Second is how our team navigated through the pandemic. 

Our clients are our priority. Dynamism is something we embrace, as we search for more ways to improve on customer service. We take pride in building strong client relationships, and this is the key reason why they keep coming back,” he shares. 

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Chase Yap

“We launched our new menu, in our thrust to deliver exciting flavors, variety, and inspirations that our clients enjoy. I’m thankful to our dedicated team, especially for going the extra mile, to continue providing the quality service that our clients have come to expect.” 

“In 2019, we started importing wine from South Africa. It started as bringing in wines that we enjoy drinking ourselves, then we found there could be a market for it. Then the pandemic happened. Things are now looking up and we hope to continue the momentum generated in 2019. We carry two brands: Arensig Handcrafted Single Vineyard Wine from Robertson, South Africa, and Sarah’s Creek. Arensig is the premium line, while Sarah’s Creek is the label you can confidently serve in events and gatherings. In fact, we served Sarah’s Creek in our own wedding,” he laughs. 

The third hat he wears is the one he put on just last year, that of husband. “Married life has been great. It’s exciting to embark on new chapters towards the goal of raising a family, and this broadened my priorities, especially as bigger responsibilities unfold. Definitely, coming home to my wife after a hard day’s work is what I look forward to. We enjoy sharing thoughts on how our day went, and we feel special simply by exchanging views and sharing our aspirations. It’s nice to have someone you can rant and rave to about anything under the sun. Coming home to your best friend every single day and just spending life together until you grow old is something I really look forward to,” he says. 

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Photo by Ed Simon of Kliq, Inc.

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