After five years, the Grammy winning artist has finally returned to the Philippines.

Last night, Harry Styles took on one of the biggest venues in the world for the Philippine leg of his “Love On Tour.” He is the first male solo artist to play at the Philippine Arena.

This is the third time the artist has performed here, following his show with One Direction in 2015 and his first solo tour in 2018.

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“Our job tonight is gonna be to try and entertain you. I give you my word that we will do our absolute very best,” Styles said after expressing his gratitude for the warm welcome back.

“Your job this evening is to have as much fun as you possibly can. If you wanna sing, if you wanna dance, please feel free to be whoever it is you’ve always wanted to be in this room tonight.”

And have fun they did! Fans showed up to the concert in their best outfits, an homage to the man with impeccable style. The artist himself was wearing a sparkly blue and gold shirt, teal-gray jeans, and Adidas x Gucci Gazelles at the start of the show.

Hello, beautiful Harries! 😍#LoveOnTourPH #HarryStylesMNL pic.twitter.com/UER4UdR4CB

— Live Nation PH (@livenationph) March 14, 2023

He played hit songs “Golden,” “Adore You,” and “Watermelon Sugar” from his second album Fine Line. For “Satellite,” one of the songs from his newest album Harry’s House, Styles danced his viral “Satellite Stomp” to the cheers of the crowd.

The artist even performed a revamped version of One Direction’s debut single “What Makes You Beautiful.” It was surely a trip down memory lane for fans who were with him since the beginning.

During the chorus of “Treat People With Kindness,” a group in the standing section started a conga line as Styles waved a pride flag on the stage.

The spotline shone on the solo artist when he performed “Sign of the Times” while the crowd lit him up with their cell phone lights as they sang along.

Here are some photos from Harry Styles: Love on Tour in Thailand 😍

Philippines, it’s time for an unforgettable night of music, colorful OOTDs and some Satellite stomping at the Philippine Arena this Tuesday! See you there! 🤩🍉🥝🍒#LoveOnTourPH#HarryStylesInPh pic.twitter.com/KVV92LNhyY

— Live Nation PH (@livenationph) March 12, 2023

Earlier in the show, Styles read out a fan’s sign that said her boyfriend would propose to her if he could sing with the artist.

Styles agreed and the boyfriend, Jeff, chose “Sign of the Times” in which the singer changed some of the lyrics to “Michelle is gonna marry Jeff.” The couple did get engaged that night, celebrating their love with the entire arena.

The show closed with Styles’ chart-topping “As It Was” and “Kiwi.” Throughout the night, the artist never failed to show his gratitude, thanking the band, the backstage crew, and “each and every single one in the building.”

“You’ve been absolutely wonderful, thank you for the warm, warm welcome back,” Harry said. “You can do whatever you want, you can go anywhere, you can do anything. I promise this is a good thing.”

Banner image via Instagram @harrystyles.



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