Ovejas Negras restaurants offer diverse, authentic dining experiences across Seville, a city that is renowned for its gastronomy, particularly its tapas bars. This quintissential Spanish way of eating is of the reasons overseas visitors flock to this historic city with its grand and elegant landmark sites. One company, Ovejas Negras, (or Black Sheep in English), has established itself as a leading name in the city’s gastronomic scene with a collection of much loved restaurants already open across Seville, each one offering an authentic dining experience, from gourmet tapas to lively fine dining.

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La Chunga, Sevilla
Ovejas Negras tapas Seville 4
Mamarracha, Sevilla
Ovejas Negras tapas Seville 5
Casa Ozama, Sevilla
Ovejas Negras tapas Seville 7
Tata Pila, Sevilla
Ovejas Negras tapas Seville 9
Casa Ozama, Sevilla
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Torres y Garcia, Sevilla

Here’s the inside track a few of our favourites:


Embracing the authentic and traditional elements of Sevillana gastronomy, this traditional bar space is located in the heart of El Arenal. By recreating a genuine neighbourhood bar, and combining Seville’s cultural traditions with contemporary influences that can be seen in the design as well as in the menu, Castizo offers a new way to experience tradition. Step inside this local bar and it’s cool design will embrace you with not only tradition, like the marble mosaic floor, but also a sense of fun (the loo has walls covered in dominos), while the main space has some cool contemporary design.

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Andrew Forbes at Castizo Sevilla 1
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Andrew Forbes at Castizo Sevilla 9

Here we tried memorable dishes, including Zamburiña scallops with chorizo, Chicharrones (pork belly rind) marinated in lime, low temperature cooked and then fried so super crispy on the outside and soft inside – as well as Seasonal mushrooms, Classic fried eggs and potatoes but with juicy prawns and Hake with roasted leeks, almonds and manzanilla sauce.

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Castizo de Ovejas Negras Company / Calle Zaragoza, 6 / 41001, Sevilla. Tel +34 955 180 562

Casa Ozama

Decadent, exotic, sexy – Casa Ozama is something unique. A places for cocktails, music, fine dining – and fun, lots of fun.

Located in Seville’s Porvenir neighbourhood, Casa Ozama is housed in a stunning, 2000m2  villa built in 1912,with extensive gardens of centuries old palm trees. A glamorous and eclectic, and at times whimsical, interior design immerses diners in a more golden age of indulgent fun and high quality gastronomy. The kitchen specialises in grilled dishes of meat, fish and vegetables, such as Red Almadraban tuna tataki, grilled artichoke hearts Caesar style, Ajoblanco (chilled white garlic soup with almonds) with salmon caviar, grapes and smoked sardines.

Andrew Forbes at Casa Ozama Seville 2
Andrew Forbes at Casa Ozama Seville 7
Andrew Forbes at Casa Ozama Seville 3
Andrew Forbes at Casa Ozama Seville 4
Ovejas Negras tapas Seville 6
Andrew Forbes at Casa Ozama Seville 5
Ovejas Negras tapas Seville 8
Ovejas Negras tapas Seville 2
Ovejas Negras tapas Seville 22
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Ovejas Negras tapas Seville 16
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What makes this destination so exciting is the number of unique ‘spaces’ available in the gardens and terraces, as well as across two floors of the villa. Ranging from Haina, the most exclusive area of the restaurant, and perfect for cocktail parties to Tiburón, one of Seville’s most exclusive bars, and Isabela, the cosiest bar area in the house, with views of Maria Luisa Park across the street, and Clandestino, a fun, private space for unique nights, although first you have to find it.

Casa Ozama, Avenida Borbolla, 57-59, cornering Calle Felipe II 41013, Seville Tel. +34 955 517 405

Torres y Garcia

The theme is rustic cuisine with a modern twist. Offering a broad selection of meat and fish dishes, as well as pizzas baked in an authentic stone oven, its inclusion in the Michelin Guide speaks for itself.

C/ Harinas 2 – Seville Tel: +34 955 546 385

Tata Pila

Tata Pila is an Andalusian Bistro with a stunning, open kitchen interior and sophisticated menus, where French classics are combined with 100% Andalusian produce, and a Spanish wine menu that includes Andalusian wines.

C/ Julio César 14 – Seville Tel: +34 954  870 862


Mamaracha is an urban, avant-garde and modern space with an impressive interior of glass walls and an impressive vertical garden, as well as a menu of delicious tapas and grilled food cooked over quebracho coal.

C/ Hernando Colón 1 y 3 – Sevilla Tel: +34 955 123 911

La Chunga

Sitting close to the famous Puente de Triana, La Chunga is a friendly space, characterised by its local and informal feel. It serves delicious tapas, pita bread sandwiches and dishes from Spanish and world cuisine.

C/ Arjona 13 – Seville  Tel: +34 955 180 844

A three-minute walk from La Giralda, this unassuming looking tapas bar offers an exceptional menu of tapas where Asian and Spanish flavours are combined to create a wonderful fusion, as well as well-known international dishes served in tapas style.

C/ Hernando Colón 8 – Sevilla Tel: +34 955 123 811

Ovejas Negras tapas Seville 18
Mamarracha, Sevilla
Ovejas Negras tapas Seville 20
Casa Ozama, Sevilla
Ovejas Negras tapas Seville 23
Ovejas Negras Tapas, Sevilla

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