Features include contextual AI prompts and sidebar integration of popular GPT-based services
This marks the first stage of Opera’s Browser AI, with plans to move to stage two featuring its own browser AI engine in the near future

OSLO, Norway, March 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As generative AI tools continue to reshape the digital landscape, Opera [NASDAQ: OPRA] is integrating AI capabilities into its desktop browsers. Shipping today in Opera and Opera GX are AI Prompts and sidebar integration of the popular GPT-based services ChatGPT and ChatSonic. Users can explore AIGC (AI-generated content) tools within Opera and Opera GX.

“AIGC is a game-changer for web browsing. Our goal is to use these technologies to give our users new browsing superpowers – reimagining how they learn, create, and research,” said Joanna Czajka, Product Director at Opera.

Smart AI Prompts and access to popular GPT-based chatbots
As part of the first stage of its Browser AI, Opera has introduced smart AI prompts accessible directly from the address bar or by highlighting a text element on a website. Users can quickly initiate conversations with generative AI services to shorten or explain articles, generate tweets, or request relevant content based on highlighted text. AI prompts are contextual and will evolve as Opera adds new features.

Beyond adding AI Prompts, Opera now also provides access to ChatGPT and ChatSonic in the browser’s sidebar. Users can now leverage these popular generative AI platforms for idea generation, summaries, translations, itineraries, and more. ChatSonic also enables image generation.

Opera’s AIGC tools are a natural progression for the browser. They follow Opera’s track record of giving users direct access to the internet’s most in-demand platforms, such as TikTok, Telegram, and WhatsApp. Today’s release marks the first stage of Opera’s Browser AI – the second stage will be built on Opera’s own GPT-based browser AI engine.

“Opera is actively expanding its AI program into AIGC for browser, news, and gaming products through its own solutions and new and existing partnerships. We’re excited for our users to experience generative AI with this release. Expect more innovations from us,” added Czajka.

Getting Started:
Generative AI tools are available in early access in Opera (Win, Mac, and Linux) and Opera GX (Win and Mac). To access the new features, upgrade the Opera or Opera GX browser or download it from www.opera.com. Then go to Easy Setup and activate the Early Access option by toggling “AI Prompts,”, which enables AI Prompts in the browser UI and AI services in the sidebar. Note that users must log in or sign up for these services separately. In Opera GX, users also need to have the “Early Bird” option enabled in their browser settings.

About Opera
Opera is a global web innovator, developing web browsers for desktop and mobile platforms for more than 25 years. Its flagship products include Opera Browser and Opera GX, the world’s first browser for gamers. All of Opera’s browser products have unique built-in features that enhance the browsing experience as well as empower and protect users online, such as a free in-browser VPN, ad blocking and tracker blocking capabilities, protection from malicious websites, and more. Opera also has a track record and several years of experience using deep-learning AI to deliver a better news experience to users of its news and football apps. Opera’s browsers, gaming, Web3, and news products are the trusted choice of hundreds of millions of users worldwide. Opera is headquartered in Oslo, Norway and listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange (OPRA). Download Opera Browser from www.opera.com.

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