PUDU Robotics, a world-leading technology enterprise, has launched its latest innovation, an Intelligent Commercial Cleaning Robot. Called the Pudu CC1, the Robot mops, scrubs, sweeps and vacuums.

The Robot is efficient, produces high-quality cleaning, and can be managed easily from an app. Human labour can be used more effectively elsewhere, and the Robot eliminates the worry of employee injury or absence. Its technology is effective for businesses in several industries, such as food and beverage, public transportation, healthcare, manufacturing, education, retail and large office buildings. 

PUDU Cleaning robot

The versatile cleaning solution suits various floor types, including natural stone, terrazzo, marble, tiles, epoxy resin, sandstone, artificial stone flooring and low pile carpet. 

It can fit into every corner with its side and edge cleaning brush, has five hours of continuous scrubbing, and automatic refilling and drainage. 

If the battery is low and a task has not been completed, the bot will automatically charge itself, remember task progress and resume its post after fully re-charing. 

The bot also has automatic localisation and navigation, with sensors for every angle and can work in conjunction with other Pudu cleaning bots. 

Check out the Robot in action in the video below, or find out more by emailing 




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