Public relations management platform Muck Rack is expanding its global media-monitoring capabilities.

The expansion will give Muck Rack users access to more than 600,000 global news sources and more than 2 million articles monitored per day in 45 countries and 123 languages. This includes online and print content, newsletters, television and radio coverage and marks a 2.5-time increase year-over-year in the number of outlets monitored.

The platform is capitalizing on the power of AI and machine learning to source content relevant to users, and it plans to expand its network of outlets and articles monitored again.

“Our vision has always been to provide one suite of tools where a user’s PR team can access everything they need to be successful,” said Greg Galant, CEO and cofounder of Muck Rack. “This focus on adding countries is all about breadth and making it global. We know how interconnected the news is today — it doesn’t really matter where an outlet is based — so we are taking it upon ourselves to provide a monitoring solution that’s truly global and covers as many countries as possible.”

By combining Muck Rack’s monitoring capabilities with functions like reporting and its media-relationship database, the platform aims to create a tool that will allow PR pros to measurably demonstrate the impact of a given campaign.

“In the near future, PR teams will be able to go to the CEO and board and say, ‘Hey look, we’ve maintained these hundreds of relationships, and here’s how they’ve influenced the coverage and how that coverage has impacted the bottom line,’” Galant said. “Previously, data was too fragmented to build that story.”

This year, Muck Rack also named Bryan Hamblin as its chief revenue officer, reporting to Galant. Hamblin previously worked at Sisu Data.

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