Recognition Reflects MEXC’s Commitment to Continuously Providing Outstanding Service Orientation that Enables All Users’ Needs.

SINGAPORE, Feb. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — MEXC was recognized as one of the Top 10 Most Popular Cryptocurrency Services by Cloudflare. The ranking based on three drivers of influence on the Internet by Cloudflare in Traffic, Adoption, and security, involves 9 areas including General, Metaverse and Gaming, Cryptocurrency Services, etc. The ranking is widely considered the definitive report card on corporate influence worldwide.

Cloudflare, an Internet hosting giant. Leveraging Cloudflare’s network of touches more than 25 million Internet properties and spans more than 200 cities in over 100 countries, Cloudflare Radar has become a free public tool that lets anyone view global Internet traffic, attacks, and technology trends and insights.

The Top 10 companies received recognition for ranking by meeting high standards and requirements. As a rising star in crypto exchange, Cloudflare has chosen MEXC for the first time to enter the list in the top 10 popularity ranking.

“We’re proud to be ranking on the list,” said Andrew Weiner, VP of MEXC. “Our ranking is a testament to showing that our commitment to “User First, MEXC’s Changing For you” is also recognized externally very well. Crypto is global. MEXC will continue to light up the map to scale globally, bringing more economic freedom to each and every individual and business around the world, and keep building innovative products and excellent service to fit their needs”

Over the past year, MEXC has shown strong growth in its global business. Some highlights of the company’s progress include:

Top Liquidity Provider

MEXC ranks first in perpetual future liquidity, supporting 169 cryptocurrency tradings and 179 trading currency pairs.
According to Cryptorank data, MEXC’s 24-hour Futures trading volume was $18.4 million USD, ranking #4 with Binance, OKX, and Bybit.
Lowest Fee Rate

On February 1, MEXC announced its taker fee goes as low as 0.03%.
According to CoinMarketCap data, MEXC offers the lowest crypto trading fees amongst the top crypto exchanges

Future trading fees on top exchanges, Source: CoinMarkeCap

Fastest Listing Speed

MEXC has ranked first for having the most first-listed projects. In 2022, Of the 297 new assets that launched in total, 512 of them first landed on MEXC, including hotspot projects like OP, APT(Aptos), HOP, DC, GMX, MOON, etc.





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