KUALA LUMPUR,. Kedah became the latest state to be hit by floods with a temporary relief centre (PPS) opened in Relau in Bandar Baharu, following two hours of heavy rain since 3 pm.

Bandar Baharu district Civil Defence Force (APM) officer Lt (PA) Abdul Rahim Khairuddin said 14 people from three families were evacuated to PPS Sekolah Kebangsaan Relau at 7 yesterday evening.

“Heavy rain has caused several areas in Relau to be flooded. Several APM personnel were deployed to monitor the river water level and found several roads in Mukim Relau have been cut off,” he said in a statement yesterday.

In JOHOR, the state disaster management committees (JPBN) said the number of evacuees accommodated at PPS in the state dropped slightly to 846 people as of 8 this evening compared with 897 people reported at 2 pm.

In Batu Pahat, the stagnant floodwaters saw 820 people evacuated to five PPS while 26 people were accommodated at one PPS in Segamat.

In SARAWAK, the JBPN said that the number of flood victims in Serian rose to 180 people tonight compared with 97 people reported earlier. They were housed at the PPS Sekolah Kebanggsaan St Peter and PPS Kampung Mundai hall.

Meanwhile, in SABAH, the JBPN reported that the number of flood evacuees yesterday evening dropped to 285 people from 81 families and were accommodated at three PPS, compared with 535 people from 165 families housed at nine PPS this morning.

All PPS in Beluran were closed at 7 pm while one PPS in Telupid was closed at 2 pm yesterday.




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