AMMAN, Jan 11 (NNN-PETRA) – Jordan’s Prime Minister, Bisher Khasawneh, announced yesterday, a plan to build a new city in the north of the kingdom, as part of its economic and administrative modernisation efforts.

The city, which is expected to be located about 40 km from the Jordanian capital, Amman and 31 km from Zarqa city, will be built on, and surrounded by state-owned lands, thus facilitating the project’s decision-making, Khasawneh was quoted as saying.

Research and planning of the project are expected to be completed in two years, while infrastructure construction will begin in 2025.

Khasawneh added that, a ministerial committee had been set up, to supervise the project’s progress, noting that, a government-owned company would later handle the management and follow-up on the implementation of the project.

The city would be based on a public-private partnership, and a number of buildings and facilities would be constructed on a build-operate-transfer basis, he said.

Khasawneh expected the first phase of the project, which includes the planning, to be concluded by early 2025, and infrastructure building, which is part of the project’s second phase, would start in the same year.

Minister of Government Communication, Faisal Shboul, said, the city’s population would exceed 157,000 in the first phase and reach one million, at the final stage by 2050.

Shboul predicted that, the new city would create 90,000 jobs, and benefit the labour and construction sectors, while it was being built.

During a meeting yesterday, Khasawneh briefed King Abdullah II of Jordan on the project.

The king asked the government to form an advisory committee, made up of specialists and experts for the city’s planning, to ensure that the city will become an architectural and urban model, that meets the sustainability needs for resources, energy, water and environment.– NNN-PETRA



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