Japanese label Anrealage unveils colour-changing collection in Paris “>

Anrealage, a Japanese fashion brand, gained attention at Paris Fashion Week after displaying a colour-changing collection of apparel that was activated by suspended moving UV lights.

The Anrealage Fall Winter 2023 collection is influenced by old 1950s fashion, with a concentration on long designs. Colour is changed in clothes sourced from materials such as faux fur, velvet, lace, knitwear, jacquard, and satin using the brand’s latest technological innovation.

The collection was initially all white, but as a UV beam moved up and down the length of the models’ bodies, it revealed brilliantly coloured and pattern-filled finishes all over the formerly all-white, now colourful ensembles.

“For Autumn/Winter 2023-24, Anrealage uses fashion to explore the evolution of human perception and how every living organism – no matter how simple or complex – inhabits a world of its own,” the brand wrote on its Instagram account.

This colour-changing effect was accomplished by making clothing out of photochromic fabrics and materials, which change colour when exposed to sunshine and UV rays.

Morinaga also introduced numerous more colours after switching outfits, including yellow, beige, red, and purple. The intensity of the UV rays determines the darkness, thus the costume will be lighter depending on whether you are heading out in the sun or shade.

When these clothes are no longer exposed to UV radiation, they return to their natural colours in about three minutes.

Anrealage was established in 2003 by Kunihiko Morinaga, a graduate of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Waseda University.




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