Two years on, the Phillipine island of Sargio is still reeling under super typhoon Rai’s widescale destruction. BBDO Guerrero is helping with rebuilding efforts as it auctions artistic scrapboards to raise recovery funds.

Inspiration Station: Making art from the wreckage of super typhoon Rai

In December 2021, the tourism industry in popular Philippine island Siargao was looking forward to a bumper holiday season once Covid restrictions finally eased. Then super typhoon Rai wiped them out.

The most severe storm to hit the archipelago that cut a swathe through the tropical paradise of Siargao renowned for its white sandy beaches, rolling hills, world-class surf spots and relaxed vibe.

The massive devastation left the island–voted the best in Asia by Condé Nast Traveller readers that year– unrecognisable. Two years on, its main livelihood derived from surf tourism and fishing, still reels under the aftermath. 

Efforts are on to rebuild the structural damage. BBDO Guerrero is supporting a charity auction by ‘Art+design’ by Gavel&Block, a subsidiary of Salcedo Auctions, to auction off five scrapboards that transform broken typhoon wreckage into art.

Scroll below to look at the symbols of hope and recovery designed and created by BBDO Guerreo’s creative directors, Andi Olbés and Nikki Sunga. asia%2fcontent%2fBoard+1+ +Maasin+Scrapboard asia%2fcontent%2fBoard+2+ +Sugba+Scrapboard asia%2fcontent%2ff61ec0a6118e40b89b5505b703b88504You’ve arrived at Inspiration Station, a weekly look at imaginative and artistic work from creators of all kinds across Asia-Pacific. Step off for a minute to recharge your creative batteries and find inspiration for that next big idea of yours further down the track.



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