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Hong Kong Airlines is looking to engage 1,000 new employees to join its workforce by the end of 2023 to meet operation needs and future growth.

New staff positions include 120 pilots, 500 cabin crew, and 380 ground staff that will be filled by both local and overseas applicants.

Hong Kong Airlines 640
Hong Kong Airlines will increase remuneration for both crew and ground staff, and hire new talents

This will supplement its recent move to re-activate staff previously on Long Pay Leave back to their positions.

Altogether, the exercise will bring the airlines’ total workforce back to 60-70 per cent of pre-pandemic levels.

The Hong Kong-based carrier also announced salary increments for both crew and ground staff. Remuneration increments include an eight per cent basic salary pay rise and up to a 10 per cent increase to the flying hourly rate for crew members, while all ground staff will receive a five per cent basic salary pay rise plus a discretionary five per cent quarterly variable incentive effective January 1 this year.

Hong Kong Airlines expects to increase flight operations to 30 sectors per day by January 2023 and to 75 per cent of its operating capacity by the end of 2023. Full operations are expected to be achieved by mid-2024.




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