Sponsors of the Art of Hospitality award, Gin Mare are bringing ‘Vila Mare’ to Singapore to showcase the very finest Mediterranean hospitality. Experience the merging of Mediterranean gastronomy with cocktails showcasing the uniquely balanced botanicals of Gin Mare – a liquid inspired by the Mediterranean and with notes of basil, thyme, rosemary and olives.

Gin Mare is a premium gin that captures the essence of the Mediterranean lifestyle and cuisine. It is crafted using traditional techniques and rhythms, with the sole intention of creating a most exceptional gin that reflects the diversity and richness of its region.

Gin Mare is made with high-quality barley and distilled with four Mediterranean botanicals: rosemary, thyme, basil and Arbequina olives. Each botanical is macerated and distilled separately, allowing each to express its character and aroma. Some of them, such as the citrus peels, take over a year to harmonise before they are blended together to create Gin Mare’s signature flavour.

The botanicals used in Gin Mare are not only typical of Mediterranean cuisine but also share some common aromatic compounds that give Gin Mare its distinctive and complex profile. For example, rosemary lends Gin Mare a piney, woody scent called pinenes, which is also found in juniper berries, the primary ingredient for most gins. Juniper berries also contain another herbal, aromatic note known as beta myrcene, which is also present in basil and thyme. Basil adds some anisic, balsamic and camphor-like notes to Gin Mare, while thyme contributes some spicy and floral nuances. Lastly, the Arbequina olives impart a distinctive savoury element to Gin Mare, rounding out its fruity, herbal notes with their fragrant green grassy, tomato-like aroma.

Gin Mare is inspired by the concept of “Mare Nostrum”, which refers to the communities living around the Mediterranean Sea and tied together by their love of great food, their excellent climate and their unique lifestyle, where time runs differently to the rest of the world. Gin Mare celebrates this spirit of sharing and enjoying life with friends and family and invites you to discover its versatile and gastronomic character. Whether you enjoy it in a classic gin and tonic with a sprig of rosemary or in a more creative cocktail with fresh ingredients, Gin Mare will transport you to the sunny shores of the Mediterranean