KUALA LUMPUR – An Ancient Kedah Early Civilisation Seminar was hosted in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday to promote, conserve and enlighten the interest of heritage enthusiasts as well as the ordinary public.

The one-day event organised by Ancient Kedah Heritage Resources held the seminar at Memorial Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur.

Five presentations were shared by distinguished experts in their own field of discipline.

Among them are:

  • Dato’ Dr Mokhtar Saidin on Secrets of 2,800 years of Sungai Batu Archaeological Complex since 788 BC
  • Prof Dr Solehah Yaakob (Revealing the Book of Islamic Scholar Al-Biruni about Iron from Kallah-Ancient Kedah)
  • Dato Goh Hin San (I-Tsing 7th Century Chinese Records about Cheh Chia – Ancient Kedah)
  • Dr Hasfarisham Abdul Halim ( 588BC Architectural Port Evidence in Sungai Batu Archaeological site )
  • Prof Madya Dr Nazaruddin Zainun ( Hindu-Buddhist Heritage in Lembah Bujang – A comparison with Borobudur and Angkor Wat).

Bujang Valley is located in southern Kedah and covers the coastal plain around Gunung (mountain) Jerai (1,300m). Gunung Jerai is a prominent landmark, acting as a sign for sailors crossing the Bay of Bengal to enter the Straits of Malacca in ancient history.

The earliest archaeological record of the Bujang Valley comes from James Low, who discovered the first monument in the early 1840s.

The organiser Mazlan Mahmud told Asia News Today that their main activity is to bring archaeology and heritage interests to the community.

“All this while, we have been presenting archaeology to academics and certain circles of people, so now this seminar will make archaeology simplified for the public so that they will understand heritage.

“Our major focus is in Sungai Batu and Bujang Valley because that is the centre of 7 to 8 BC, early civilisation in South East Asia.”

Mazlan shared that more young people are starting to show interest in their activities and hopes this will grow in time.

“The newcomers are interested in learning about heritage with archaeological support evidence.”

Additionally, they have been active in promoting school students by organising heritage expedition activities.

He also hopes more media will come forward to support their activities by raising the ancient heritage awareness of the public and raising an interest for the public to value the archeo-tourism industry.

Muhammad Abdul Razak the author of the Kedah Tua book who participated, shared that seminar held yesterday reflects a true Malaysian spirit that participated by various layers of ethnic, education, career, young and senior that respect and appreciate the value of knowledge possess by everyone.

“Almost all the presenters did mention new discoveries made by them or informed them through a proper channel. Like research on Roman road construction, where researchers in Italy found out that the iron came from Kedah.

“It does not mean the entire supply came from Kedah. The point is, iron from Kedah was found in Roman road construction.

This is not something to raise one’s eyebrows. Archaeology is science and new breakthroughs are common.”

Another participant, Eric Tee Ping, praised all the experts and hopes the public will show an interest in this archeo-tourism and discover the beauty of the historical Ancient Kedah Early Civilisation.




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