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Expedia Group and OpenAI have unveiled a new plugin to simplify trip planning for ChatGPT users.

Previously, ChatGPT could only identify what to do and where to stay, but it could not help users to book trips.

chatgpt 640
When the Expedia plugin is enabled, it will bring a trip itinerary in ChatGPT to life

Now, once a traveller enables the Expedia plugin, they can bring a trip itinerary in ChatGPT to life – how to get there, where to stay, and what to see and do – all powered by Expedia Group’s 70 petabytes of travel data. When travellers are ready to book, they will be transferred to Expedia, where they can access their member discounts and rewards.

AI has transformed Expedia Group from an online travel agency to a technology platform powering travel at every step of the journey for over 154 million travellers and more than 50,000 partners globally.

From planning and shopping, booking flights and hotels, the AI capabilities offer personalised experiences by evaluating more than 360,000 permutations of a page on one of its brand sites to ensure travellers are seeing the most relevant information for them.

Its AI Virtual Agent also helps travellers quickly solve issues when things change or unexpectedly go wrong.

In addition, suspicious activity is flagged when behaviour patterns deviate from the norm, allowing Expedia Group to intervene before fraud or abuse occurs.



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