Thousands of residents in Hua Samrong sub-district in Lop Buri Province have been complaining about smoke and a foul odour emanating from a burning landfill operated by the municipal office of Tha Wung sub-district.

Many have complained that the smell and smoke are penetrating their houses, even though they have closed their doors and windows, adding that they are mostly concerned that their children will develop respiratory problems.

Boonlert Pruetthakorn, the vice mayor of Tha Wung sub-district municipality, said yesterday he suspects that someone set fire to the landfill. He admitted, however, that the strong wind makes it difficult for firemen to extinguish the fire.

Yesterday (Tuesday), in Sa Kaeo Muang municipality, local officials advised residents to wear face masks after a fire broke out at another landfill, scattering dust and smoke over a radius of about 10km.

Numerous residents in Mueang district of Sa Kaeo Province have complained that they can smell the burning garbage every time there is a strong breeze, forcing them to wear face masks all the time.

A drone was used to observe the fire at the landfill yesterday, as officials tried to figure out how best to extinguish the fire and help affected residents.

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