Tourists visiting the Maldives so far this year have exceeded the number of tourists that visited the country during the same period in the past two years, according to official figures.

January is part of the peak period of tourism in the country. However, due to Covid-induced slowdown in tourism, the number of tourists arriving in January last two years had come down. The current trends show that the number of tourist arrivals are nearing pre-Covid levels.

According to the tourism ministry’s latest statistics, 59,071 tourists visited the Maldives by Wednesday. This is:

  • 14% more than last year
  • 76% more than the previous year

At present, the average number of tourists arriving every day is 5,370. The averages of the previous years are: 

  • 2022 – 4,683
  • 2021 – 3,049
  • 2020 (as on January 12) – 5,606
  • 2019 (as on January 12) – 4,932

Compared to the number of tourists arriving daily, the current average is much higher than in 2019. However, daily arrivals average has not reached the same level as in January 2020, which saw record daily arrival numbers.

Russia tops the list of source markets, with 10,697 tourists arriving from the country in the first two weeks of the year alone. During this period, the next highest number of tourist arrivals were:

  • Italy – 7,320
  • India – 5,119
  • UK – 4,436
  • Germany – 3,727

Maldives aims to welcome at least two million tourist this year.

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