This festive season, JW Marriott Maldives Resort & Spa had brought guests to magical adventure to craft memorable togetherness at year end. Fulfilling experiences from themed nights, extravagant dining, wellness sessions, fun activities for littles ones to entertainment and more, there was lots to look forward to this festive season. The resort curated three weeks of festive extravaganza for guests of all ages.  Here are the highlights.

Around the World

The resort kicked off the season with “Around the World” night featuring an eclectic collection of sensational culinary delights. From the Indo-Pacific coast to the Mediterranean coast to South Africa, guests indulged their taste buds on a world tour.

Lobsters & Champagne

The resort’s Executive Chef Bir Yadav combined the finest Champagnes paired with an exquisite buffet including live station with yellow fin tuna, Maldivian lobsters and endless seafood. A sumptuous buffet was served along with a live performance that took the guests to a true gastronomic adventure. 

Boduberu – Maldivian NightOne of the most authentic ways to immerse ourselves in the Maldivian culture is by discovering the traditional musical performance of boduberu. Guests experienced a unique Maldivian night with a delicious buffet of local dishes, accompanied by traditional boduberu drums and native songs. Under a starry night, or the boduberu team flashed an unparalleled energy and allowed guests to connect to the Maldivian music.

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Christmas Eve – Santa’s Hunt and Gala Dinner

From arriving on a jet-ski to gifting presents, Santa Claus made it special for the little guests – there was a twinkle in their eyes and a vibrant holiday cheer all around. The end of the day was filled with live entertainment throughout the night and a range of delicious dishes crafted by the culinary team.


New Year’s Eve –  Pirates of the Indian Ocean 

Inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean Saga, the resort took guests to a journey like no other. Unique and paired with infinite Ocean views, all guests embarked on a voyage with the emblematic characters of the saga including Captain Jack Sparrow, Davy Jones and Elizabeth Swann. 

This night of wonder promised guests a magical atmosphere, surrounded by pirates all over the island, with celebrations and entertainment, as well as a sumptuous feast to lead guests to ring in 2023. 

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This Indian night was not to be missed if you are an adventurous gourmet or if you consider Indian delicacies as the comfort of home. The resort’s Indian chefs crafted an abundant culinary extravaganza around the flavours and colours of India. Guests were greeted by hosts wearing beautiful saris, while the entire venue was dressed in colours that embody the vibrant culture of India.

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