The Doosan Bobcat booth at ProMat 2023 in Chicago on March 24.
The Doosan Bobcat booth at ProMat 2023 in Chicago on March 24.

Doosan Bobcat announced on March 24 that it participated in ProMat 2023, a logistics exhibition that ran in Chicago in the state of Illinois in the United States from March 20 to 23.

Five of the nine products on display were Bobcat forklifts with both Doosan and Bobcat logos hanging side by side on the booth. This is the first time the Bobcat brand has appeared at a logistics equipment show, not at a show of construction or agricultural equipment.

The launch of Bobcat forklifts is part of the company’s change of global brand strategy. Doosan Bobcat is reorganizing its brand portfolio to target markets under both the Doosan and Bobcat brands.

First of all, the Bobcat brand will expand in markets such as North America and Europe. The Bobcat brand will be applied to logistics equipment including forklifts and portable power products including mobile generators and lighting equipment.

On the other hand, in regions where the Doosan brand is enjoying strong brand power, Doosan will continue with the Doosan brand, leveraging its existing strengths. These regions include Korea, where Doosan holds the No. 1 market share in forklift products. The Doosan brand will be maintained in other markets including China, India, and Southeast Asia.

In the meantime, a hydrogen forklift, which Doosan Bobcat is developing with U.S. Plug (formerly known as Plug Power) also met North American customers for the first time at the show. In addition to hydrogen forklifts, Doosan Bobcat is expanding its eco-friendly products, including electric loaders, excavators, and lawn mowers.



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