Curtin University appoints director of Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Trailblazer hub

Dr. Ross Waring. Image from Curtin University.

Curtin University has appointed Dr. Ross Waring as Director of the Curtin-led Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Trailblazer hub, a national initiative that aims to transform mineral research outputs into commercial products and services.

Curtin was the first university nationally to receive a share of A$242 million ($181m) in Government funding last year to develop a research commercialisation hub to keep Australia at the forefront of critical mineral supply chains.

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Dr. Waring, who has 25 years’ experience in technology commercialisation in oil and gas, mineral resources, petrochemicals, power generation and renewable energy sectors, will lead the hub’s operational direction required to transform mineral research into products, services and businesses.

Curtin’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research, Professor Chris Moran said Waring’s years of experience in mineral research and commercialisation would help boost the initiative’s potential.

“Curtin’s Trailblazer project is a critical national project and Dr Waring’s leadership will help lay the foundation to effectively bridge minerals’ research with commercialisation,” Professor Moran said in a media statement.

With a strong track record of taking companies through product development to commercialisation, Waring said he was looking forward to leading the initiative to further Australia’s status as a critical mineral economic powerhouse.

“The initiative is vital to ensure the momentum between research and commercialisation is strong so we can address critical mineral supply issues while maximising economic benefits,” Waring said.

“I look forward to working with our project partners to ensure we use our strong technical and research base to continue to position Australia as a world leader in this strategically important sector.”

The Trailblazer project is a collaboration between Curtin University, The University of Queensland and James Cook University and 33 company partners across Australia who are working in value chains associated with lithium, nickel, cobalt, vanadium and hydrogen resources.



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