KUCHING, Jan 10 — The supply of chicken eggs in Sarawak is currently sufficient for the upcoming Chinese New Year (CNY) celebration, says Ministry of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living (KPDN) Sarawak enforcement chief Peter J Berinus Agang.

However, he calls upon all consumers to buy eggs according to their daily household needs.

At present, the price is Sarawak is set between RM0.39 and RM0.49 per Grade A egg, while for Grade B, it is between RM0.37 and RM0.47 per egg.

For Grade C, the range is from RM0.35 to RM0.45 per egg.

“Grade A, B and C eggs are controlled according to the prices gazetted on October 12, 2022.

“To ensure that the traders would comply with these gazetted prices, daily inspections are being carried out by the KPDN Sarawak Enforcement Section.

“We are also asking consumers to be the eyes and ears of the ministry; for them to help channelling information about unethical traders,” he said when contacted yesterday.

Meanwhile, several local consumers agreed that the supply of eggs was sufficient, but they did wish that the prices would be lowered to cushion the impact from the rising cost of living.

One of the respondents yesterday, Nafilia Jilin, said the prices of other essential items had also increased, adding extra burden to the household expenditure.

“It’s just that the price of eggs is quite high, up to RM18 or more per tray (of 30 eggs).

“Therefore as consumers, we really hope that the government could help lower the price of eggs.

“In the current situation, not only are eggs expensive — other necessities are also expensive.

“I hope the government could help the people,” she said.

In her remarks, part-time baker Mariana Nyangon said consumers could be ‘turned off’ by the premium prices of higher-grade eggs, going for between RM19 and RM22 per tray.

“That said, eggs of certain lower grades can be difficult to find at times.

“That’s why we really hope that the government could stabilise the supply and pricing of eggs in the market, like before this.

“Now, I have been receiving less cake orders because (prices of) many bakery ingredients have increased dramatically,” she said. — Borneo Post Online




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