This couple only meant to play a prank on their young daughter, but it backfired on them badly. 

In a Douyin video shared on March 21, a young girl from Jilin, China was seen opening a present in the living room.

“Are you happy?” the woman behind the camera asked her daughter, who replied that she was.

But her smile turned into a frown after tearing through the wrapping paper.

The surprise ‘gift’ from her parents turned out to be an exercise book.

Flipping through the pages, the confused girl said: “What’s this? Why did [you] buy me an exercise book?”

As her mother laughed while pointing out that it was a present, the girl’s disappointment turned into rage — she rolled up the book and threw it at her mother.

In the comments, several netizens criticised the girl’s parents for pulling this cruel prank.

“She shed tears of grievance. How can this father do that to his adorable daughter?” A netizen wrote in Chinese.

“This kind of joke is really pointless. Young kids are so innocent,” another said.

A netizen felt that the girl’s parents should have given her a proper present.

“She gets exercise books in school all the time. This doesn’t count as a present,” he said.

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