Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk has rolled out a campaign for Valentine’s Day, with an aim to give couples unforgettable love tips to make the day a memorable one. Conceptualised by Ogilvy, the film showcases how young couples face the mounting pressure of making the day extra special and helps them profess their love. 

The film begins with a couple celebrating Valentine’s Day in their room. The boy, who is a studious one, opens up the gift that his girlfriend got him. As he opens the box, he sees an engineering book and is disappointed looking at it. She looks at him to ask if he liked the gift, and he nodds. She then takes the knife and cuts the book, revealing that it’s a cake. The boy is then surprised and intrigued by her gift. Towards the end the girl is seen scanning the chocolate pack, which leads her to a microsite with unique romantic tips from popular content creators and musicians. 

Nitin Saini, vice president, marketing, Mondelez India, said, “Valentine’s Day has always been a special occasion for Mondelez India, and Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk has become a symbol of love and romance amongst the youth of India. Cognizant of the perennial pressure of crafting the perfect Valentine’s Day experience, our goal is to strike a chord by helping consumers turn it into one of the most memorable days for their loved ones while sensitising them about being in healthy love. With Silk Unforgettable Love Tips and our social media celebrities onboard, we hope to help consumers find both the perfect way and the right way to express their love.”

Harshad Rajadhyaksha and Kainaz Karmakar, CCO, Ogilvy India said, “Silk has been the favourite chocolate of young India and it stands for young love. On Valentine’s day, these young lovers are going to be bombarded with the pressure to express themselves, pour their hearts out and make this day super special. Social media and Bollywood also play their part in raising the importance of this day. We conceptualised Silk ‘Unforgettable Love Tips’ with the intent to help them make their Valentine’s day memorable. So, we’ve curated amazing tips and ideas for them, except there is one important addition. We developed the microsite journey in such a way that all romantic tips can be accessed, only after you hear about ‘healthy love’. What is ‘healthy love’? Advice on boundaries, love vs stalking and much more. This is a great day but it’s also a fragile day for young ones. This project addresses both.”

Shekhar Banerjee, chief client officer and office head – West, Wavemaker India, added, “This campaign is designed around curated experiences. Our focus was on creating a flawless consumer journey for young couples, starting from sourcing the right talent across diverse genres to serving the perfect experience. Given the importance of the occasion we had to ensure scale with eye-catching outdoor placements to interactive digital experience bringing alive the entire Valentine’s Day experience.”



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