Mono Sei, Omakase-style restaurant serving a 24-course set, located on 973 G Floor Holiday Inn/Intercontinental Hotel, Phloenchit Rd. Japanese originality blends in perfectly with the taste of the luxurious world.

Having 4 experienced chefs, each with their own expertise and obsession for Japanese cuisine, and innovated a contemporary Omakase course for a new savoring experience.

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It is an interesting modern Japanse restaurant that doesn’t stray too far from its roots but welcomes the addition of other ingredients to offer diners new perspectives on this fine dining experience.

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My night … Chef Akihisa Watanabe was the one who looked after us. He was born in Tottori prefecture in the western part of Japan. 

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Chef Watanabe worked at Osaka’s steak restaurant and learned basic cooking skills and he changed his mind and started to learn about Japanese cuisine.

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Kasugodai – Baby snapper

In 1999, Chef Watanabe moved to Thailand and worked in several Japanese restaurants including an Omakase-style sushi restaurant.

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Using ingredients carefully selected, premium quality products from the best sources in Japan.

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Steamed abalone with homemade sauce

The attentive process ensures that only the best ingredients will be served to create the best dining experience. Though you don’t exactly know what you will be getting, expect to get the best of the best because these chefs know their stuff.

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We have learned that some items could not be purchased from ordinary suppliers, but only via auctions only.

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The menu is served in a creative way which harmoniously combines the original Japanese cuisine with the modern world where luxury lifestyle is changing.

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Expect noble imported ingredients, rare and expensive fish and seafood items, platters of creamy, marbled sashimi and exquisite uni dishes sharing the stage with other heavenly creations.

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Akami Zuke

We loved the Chef’s expertise and attention to every detail during the preparation of each course.

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Shabu Matsuzaka beef

The innovative menu with beautiful appearance creates a perfect blend of taste. From appetizer to dessert, Mono Sei’s exquisite omakase menu is like a symphony of flavors for your mouth.

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Careful gestures to respect the ingredients and achieve a perfect presentation.

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The Omakase Tasting Menu takes 2 hours or depending on the pace of your party for your unique dining experience.

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Shiro Ebi

Your meal can be customized according to your dietary restrictions. Without disappointing, we contemplated the creation of grand works of made-to-order art, with perfect finesse not usually seen at other regular Japanese restaurants.

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Tamagoyaki – so yummy!

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Opens from Tuesday – Sunday 18.00-22.30 Hrs.

Tel: 094-654-6326

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