The problem of PM2.5 dust in the atmosphere in Bangkok and its suburbs, as well as in six northern provinces, is forecast to get worse this Friday and Saturday, said the Pollution Control Department.

On the Air4Thai website, the PCD reported on Wednesday that the general air quality across Thailand at 11am ranged from very good down to a health-threatening level, with the amount of PM2.5 in the atmosphere exceeding the standard level (currently 50 microns in Thailand) in:

  • Ban Tarn sub-district in Hot district of Chiang Mai, 84 microns (microgram per cubic metre)
  • Thanee sub-district in Mueang district of Sukhothai, 52 microns
  • Lat Yai sub-district in Mueang district of Samut Songkhram, 55 microns
  • Li sub-district in Li district of Lamphun, 66 microns
  • Ban Klang sub-district in Mueang district of Lamphun, 56 microns
  • Phra Bat sub-district in Mueang district of Lampang, 62 microns
  • Ban Tom sub-district in Mueang district of Phayao, 55 microns
  • Mae Pa sub-district in Mae Sot district of Tak, 57 microns

According to the AirVisual application, air quality in Ang Thong province is in the red zone, with the amount of PM2.5 being measured at 64 microns for three days running, whereas the amount of PM10 in the atmosphere was measured at 108 microns.

Although air quality today (Wednesday) is slightly better than yesterday, the levels of PM2.5 and PM10 still exceed the standard level.

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