Complete crock of shit. Yada yada yada, yap yap yap, blah blah blah.

Let me first stay within their sandbox and play the democracy game. In democracy, the fucking government are people’s employees. Hired to take care of matters of public interest that should not go too far beyond ensuring that the street lights are on at night and that dog shit is picked up from sidewalks. But the point is that they’re hired by us to do as we wish.

Where the fuck does protest even enter into any of this? Protest fucking what? If the motherfuckers don’t act as we – the majority – wish, they’re fucking dismissed. Fired. Gone.

What fucking “right to protest” are we talking about here? By placing yourself in a position when you have right to protest you tacitly acknowledge the implied fact that they’re standing above you and that your a subject. You’re no such thing – and that’s by their own definition.

So, FUCK PROTEST! Don’t think protest, THINK DISMISSAL.

Now, if I step outside the democracy farce, what right does any motherfucker have to tell anybody what to do, how to do, what-the-fucking ever? A being is born into this world free, subject to no one, to nothing. Nobody has an inherent right to make you essentially a slave, a subject to some “government”, to put borders around you, none of that shit. Once again, protest doesn’t enter into any of this. If they get in your sun, show some good faith and move over. If they get in your sun again, ask them to fuck the fuck off. If they don’t, remove them. End of story.

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