SINGAPORE: The EZ-Link and TransitLink Simply Go mobile apps will soon be merged into a single platform, as part of efforts to simplify ticketing and card-related services for public transport fares.

While the two apps offer similar services, there are functions that are only available on either app.

For instance, commuters can top up their EZ-Link cards with both apps, but they can only block a lost card via the EZ-Link app. They can also use both apps to view their travel transaction histories.

Applications for concession cards can only be done using the TransitLink Simply Go app and not the other.

“Unifying all transit ticketing and travel card-related services will provide a one-stop customer service touchpoint for commuters,” the Land Transport Authority (LTA) announced on Tuesday (Mar 28).

“Similarly, commuters will be able to get assistance on all ticketing and card matters through an integrated customer service.”

LTA said that the integration of these services is timely given that the transit payment landscape has evolved over the decades.

TransitLink was set up in 1987 to process fare transactions and provide services such as top-ups.

When Singapore adopted contactless payment for public transport journeys, EZ-Link was established in 2002 to oversee the sale, distribution and management of EZ-Link cards.

In 2019, both transit ticketing and travel card-related services became closely related with the launch of SimplyGo, which allows commuters to use contactless bank cards or mobile wallets to pay for public transport.

Half of all adult public transport trips are currently made using SimplyGo, said LTA, adding that adoption is expected to grow further as more categories of concession cards are upgraded to support it.

While the consolidation is taking place, commuters can continue to approach TransitLink and EZ-Link for their respective services. There will also be no change to how commuters pay their fares, and they can continue using their existing mobile apps.


LTA also plans to merge its two subsidiaries – Transit Link and EZ-Link – into a single entity.

“The new entity will provide a common platform for unlocking new innovation and business opportunities, such as expanding the use of SimplyGo Concession cards,” it added.

LTA said there will be no job loss as a result of the merger. Staff may be redeployed to the new roles created.

The merger is expected to be completed in the second half of 2024, subject to regulatory approvals. 

More details on the integration of services and the merger will be announced when plans are finalised, said LTA.

“With the increasing adoption of SimplyGo, this stronger collaboration between TransitLink and EZ-Link will provide commuters with greater convenience and access to related transit ticketing services through a single interface,” said LTA chief executive Ng Lang.

“We will work closely with TransitLink and EZ-Link in the restructuring process to ensure a smooth transition for staff and commuters.”

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