The best part of flying a luxurious private jet is not just the flight, but also the entire flight experience.  This total experience consists of arriving and checking in at the private jet terminal, relaxing at the private lounge, getting on the jet, in flight services and entertainment, lots of selfie with friends and family, arriving and checking at the private jet terminal, and then on your way to your destination. 

By Sonny Souvannavong Pilot & Author

As for business individuals, sometimes private jets are utilized as their main business tools to move around to meet their business demands. Hence they are usually called business jets.

“The journey of a thousand miles, begins with one step”, Lao Tzu

Global 7500 banking left

(Global 7500 Banking Right)

As for myself as an aviator and traveler, I personally enjoy experience of different types of business jets but also the luxury and efficiency of private jet terminal itself. 

Signature FBO London

(Signature Private Jet Terminal Luton, London)

Private jet terminals are just like nice top end hotels with different star rating.  Hotels like the Marriott, W, Ritz Carlton, and Four Seasons, to name a few are similar to different ratings or luxury of a private jet terminals.  With that said, let’s breakdown what a private jet terminal is and what makes them to be ranked in the top in terms of luxury.

St. Regis NYC

(St. Regis Hotel New York City)

W Hotel Taipei

(W Hotel Taipei)

Ritz Carlton Elizibeth

(Ritz Carlton Elizabeth Quay, Perth Australia)

One of the major purposes of a private jet terminal is for passengers and owners of the jets to park their jets, check-in, board the aircraft and departure.  Unlike commercial jets, the passenger processing is tiring due to large amount of passengers and can sometimes quite overwhelming with different regulations applied to the process. 

Signature Flight Support Luton 1

(Signature FBO Terminal, Luton, London)

Another point to make is that a private jet airport and private jet terminal are not the same.  Some countries will have a private jet airport like Teterboro, New Jersey or Santa Monica, California, which is specifically built to cater the private jets.  Santa Monica private jet airport is quite well known for movie stars like John Travolta, who is an avid pilot to fly in for a quick pit stop.

john travolta plane

(John Travolta Waving out of Jet Aircraft)

While the private jet terminals, like Harrods Aviation or Signature Aviation can be located in private jet airport or can be in commercial airports.  In this article we will focus on the overall private jet terminals and what simply makes them luxurious.

Jetex FBO lounge

(Jetex with Royce Royce Ghost Limo Service)

To own a private jet especially the high-end ones like Gulfstream G650, Global 7500, Falcon 8X, or Boeing Business Jets (BBJ), Embraer Lineage 1000E the owners of these multi-million dollar jets expect nothing less when it comes to private jet terminals. They view these jet terminals as if it is a five-star hotel lobby with a top-notch concierge.  This service would include a beautiful lobby, grand entrance, fine arts, concierge, top security, catering, CIQ (Customs, Immigration, Quarantine), easy access to the jets, parking for their jets, and others. 

Harrods Aviation

(Harrods Aviation FBO Terminal, Luton, London)

Imagine you are waiting at a beautiful lounge prior to your flight with drinks, snacks, chatting with your friends, board the flight, flight level at 50,000 feet, way above the commercial airlines altitude, arriving into a remote airport on a beautiful island.  Waiting is a red carpet for you for your first step out of the jet and a nice glass of Dom Perignon, swift immigration process while you have your luggage carried by a concierge to your awaiting limo.  Ahhh what bliss.

Gulfstream G650ER Aerial 3 bb0f4d6d 0ac9 42a6 b4d6 9cdb18b305ac prv

(Gulfstream G650ER Aerial View)

IMG 3224

(Couple Enjoying Wine on Falcon 8X)

On that note, let’s breakdown what a private terminal is and which are some of the most luxurious ones. There are two major continents that lead in private terminals, North America (in particular United States) and Europe.  In aviation term for private jet terminal is FBO or Fixed Base Operator.  An FBO is an all inclusive service for jet owners to park their planes, lounge, do their immigration paper works, pilots and crew prepare their flights, service on the aircraft, inflight catering, host airshows, and lots more.  The final thing to consider is the destination of where the FBO is operating.

Harrods Aviation Lobby

(Harrods Aviation – Private Jet Terminal, Luton, London)

11217970 901033126630801 7816773902004668198 o

(MJets Private Jet Terminal, Bangkok, Thailand)

Eccelsa Italy

(Eccelsa Aviation, Costa Smeralda, Italy)

Another nice aspect of an FBO or a private airport is the hosting of airshows.  This aspect of having an airshow adds another spice to the life of private jets.  It is similar to a motor show in US or Europe where ones can see the latest and greatest or the most luxurious or the newest EV (Electric Vehicle).  The Air Show are hosted throughout the year at some of the most popular airports which includes Paris Air Show at Bourget, NBAA in Las Vegas, ABACE in Shanghai, and others.

Dassault lebourget fbo2018 02

(Dassault FBO Terminal in Bourget, France)

FBO Air Show

(Falcon 8X Booth at Shanghai Air Show)

With that said, here are some of the top 12 luxurious Private Jet Terminals. 

  1. Signature Aviation – Luton, London (UK)
  2. Harrods Aviation – Luton, London (UK)
  3. Sheltair, Tampa, Florida (USA)
  4. Dassault Jet Terminal – Le Bourget, France
  5. Jetex – Dubai UAE
  6. Signature Aviation – Vanuys, California (USA)
  7. MJets – Bangkok, Thailand
  8. Eccelsa Aviation – Costa Smeralda, Italy
  9. ExecuJet – Bali, Indonesia
  10. Jet Aviation – Geneva, Switzerland
  11. Atlantic Aviation – Aspen, Colorado (USA)
  12. Execujet, Sydney, Australia
ExecuJet Sydney hangar 1170

(ExecuJet FBO, Sydney, Australia)

I trust you enjoyed another aspect of aviation.  Though every individual has different tastes and requirements, the facet of this article is to discuss other view of flying. 

Alright then, safe flying, enjoy your travel, and clear for take off.

By Luxury Society Asia 




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