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Professional development and training has long been a priority for Virtuoso. The network’s learning portal, Virtuoso Travel Academy, gives Virtuoso travel advisors exclusive access to more than 1,500 courses – spanning live webinars, recordings, on-demand training, resources and playlists – that enable them to better serve clients, super-charge their career development and elevate their status with preferred partners, while also maximising their earning potential. These resources are available globally all day, every day, at the office or on the go.

Virtuoso also teams up with well-respected, outside sources to deliver specific training content. The Virtuoso Travel Academy has amassed a library of sessions, ranging from mastering social media to improving time management, that are available exclusively to the Virtuoso network. These sessions are led by world-class speakers, including such notables as Neen James, Dr. Robert Joselyn, Ellen Burton and Corey Perlman.

Most recently, Virtuoso partnered with HospitableMe, a global leader in inclusive LGBTQ+ hospitality, to provide foundational training and workshops to all members, so that they connect with clients, customers and guests in a respectful and authentic way. The new partnership kicked off late last year with an exclusive virtual event featuring actionable steps for engaging and supporting the LGBTQ+ traveller community.

This partnership rounds out other new and updated offerings, including a streamlined Virtuoso Travel Academy homepage, courses from OpenSesame and a Travel Institute course on travel agency finances (free to all Virtuoso members and advisors) that covers the essentials of accounting, bookkeeping and financial planning. In 2020, Virtuoso launched “Travel Basics,” a programme for travel advisors who are new to the industry that provides them with the skills and know-how to get up and running. Other new features include visually engaging learning boards (like a Pinterest board for professional development) that offer targeted training content for specific moments of need, as well as the relaunch of Virtuoso’s exclusive Study Tours. This well-loved product has been reimagined with bespoke community and knowledge-building touch points, and curated Virtuoso Wanderlist® itineraries to inspire clients.

Other advisor-favorite resources include the Virtuoso-exclusive podcast “Thanks for Asking,” where Helen Nodland, Director of Professional Development and Training at Virtuoso, asks an agency owner, manager or advisor to share their expertise on subjects ranging from systems thinking and service fees to hiring an assistant. With over 23,000 downloads and listeners from 70+ countries, the podcast is a critical resource for peer-to-peer learning.

These virtual opportunities can help enhance and complement Virtuoso’s in-person trainings offered at the network’s many global events, all of which drive human connection and meaningful conversations with industry peers as well as clients – a key pillar of Virtuoso’s mission.



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